"Another Kraken approaches, Pray this is the Last!"

Zethos (called Atlantis), Omens

Zethos is a minor character in Age of Mythology, and is an Atlantean commander under Arkantos.

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Not much is known about Zethos, although what is known is that he maybe one of the recurring Hoplites in many of Arkantos' scenarios, he is distinctive for his loud, deep, yet shriek-like voice.

He appears in the Omens and Consequences scenarios, mostly as a generic Hoplite, he also appears in a few other scenarios. It is unknown what happened to him, although it's possible that he survived the events of Fall of the Trident, and has become the recurring Atlantean commander in The New Atlantis, who shares the same, but less shrieky voice, this time under Kastor.

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  • Zethos is only name-dropped once, in the Omens' ending cutscene, suggesting he was planned to have a larger appearance, but was ultimately cut.
    • Zethos may have been cut as a unit, and character, either due to his planned script lines suggesting he was similar to Captain Falric, a character in WarCraft III (which also may have affected other changes in AoM) who was a commander that was friends with the main character, Zethos may have also been cut due to contract issues, script changes, disposable characters, or having too many main characters.
  • Zethos appears as a Scenario Editor-only Hoplite hero in the Expanded Mod, he has the ability to regenerate, and be revived instead of dying.