The Zebra is a huntable animal in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms and Age of Mythology.

Age of Empires II Edit

The Zebra is introduced in The African Kingdoms expansion pack.

Just like Deer, Zebras run away when hunted and take two arrows to be killed. They come in packs of at least three.

It is advisable to either push them towards a Town Center or Mill with a military unit or build a mill nearby and hunt them with at least two Villagers in order to save time. Zebras appear on African maps.

Age of Mythology Edit

The Zebra is a large equine animal living in Africa. In Age of Mythology, it's an animal found in desert, and Savannah biome-base maps and scenarios (such as Watering Hole, Savannah, Nomad). It is recommended that the player builds a Granary, or move an Ox Cart near them, and use at least 8 hunters (for maximum efficiency) to gather the food from the Zebra herds.

It doesn't fight back, and gives a decent amount of food, so it's excellent as a huntable.

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History Edit

"Scientific name -- Equus grevyi
Size -- 55" at shoulder, 880 lbs.
Diet -- grasses, shrubs and small trees

Of the 3 zebra species, the Grevy's zebra is the largest and lives the farthest north in Africa. Anatomically, they resemble horses except for their striking black and white pelt, which helps to camouflage the outline of the animal when viewed at a distance by potential predators. They bray similar to donkeys.

While other zebras form permanent herds, the Grevy's live in temporary social groups. Males can be solitary and territorial, defending the largest territories of any modern herbivore. Zebras generally flee from predators, but do have a strong kick that has been known to kill lions or hyenas, the zebra's main predators.

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