A Zapotec settlement with an unfinished Trading Post.
Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs
ContinentSouth America
Unique UnitsZapotec Lightning Warrior
TechnologiesZapotec Warrior Societies
Champion Zapotec
Zapotec Cloud People
Zapotec Cult of the Dead
Zapotec Food of Gods
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The Zapotec are a minor Native American civilization featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.


The Zapotec are available as allies on the Amazonia, Orinoco, and Yucatán maps. Once a Trading Post is built at their camp, a player can recruit Zapotec Lightning Warriors and research available upgrades.


Zapotec upgrades focus on increasing an ally's economy, and bolstering their hand infantry.

Zapotec Cloud People (Discovery Age): Delivers one crate of wood for every 2 minutes of game time, up to half an hour.

Zapotec Cult of the Dead (Discovery Age): Hand infantry gain 20% damage.

Zapotec Food of Gods (Discovery Age): Villagers gather rates from all food sources increases by 10%.

Zapotec Warrior Societies (Fortress Age): Zapotec attack and hit points raised by 25%.

Zapotec Champions (Industrial Age): Zapotec attack and hit points raised by 40%.

Usefulness Edit

  • Zapotec Cult of the Dead is useful for any civilization with a heavy number of hand infantry Home City Cards or unique hand infantry units.
  • Zapotec Food of Gods is weak by itself, but stacked with berry, Cherry Orchard, Plantation, Mill, and Rice Paddy upgrades and cards it can help compensate for the slower gather rates from those sources, particularly in Treaty games.
  • All native tribes can only be upgraded to Legendary/Exalted status at the Town Center or Capitol, they can be upgraded to Elite/Disciplined or Champion/Honored for free through some Home City shipments.
  • Civilizations can remove the upgrade gold costs, or cut the upgrade costs in half depending on their Home City Cards.

In-game dialogueEdit

They speak Isthmus Zapotec.

Ya (Yes)
Yanna (Now)
Ricaa saa (Fight)

History Edit

"The Zapotec, a Mesoamerican people who developed an advanced civilization, inhabited cities as well as towns, their homes built from stones and mortar. They had an early written language system, which perhaps influenced other Mesoamerican writing systems developed by the Aztec, Maya, and Mixtec.

The Zapotec lived in the Oaxaca region of modern Mexico, with a marvelous capital city of Monte Alban. They were advanced both socially and militarily - indeed, they managed to maintain their autonomy from the larger Aztec empire. They held out from the Spanish invaders until the mid sixteenth century.

The name “Zapotec” was given them by their rivals to the north, the Aztec. However, their creation tales spoke of their origins from supernatural beings from above, hence their native name Be’ena Za’a, or “people of the clouds.”


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