Zamburak Icon
First appearanceThe Asian Dynasties
Light cavalry
Cost60 foodIcon food
60 coinIcon coin
AgeAges colonial Colonial Age
Base hit points120
Pop. use1
Line of Sight15
Resists30% vs. Ranged
Melee damage7
Melee multipliersx3.5 vs. Melee cavalry
x2.5 vs. Coyote Runner
x2.25 vs. Artillery
Range damage15
Range multipliersx3.5 vs. Melee cavalry
x2.5 vs. Coyote Runner
x2.25 vs. Artillery
x0.5 vs. Villager
Siege damage8
Rate of Fire3.0 / 3.0 (Ranged and Siege)
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The Zamburak is an Indian light cavalry unit in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

Overview Edit

Zamburak is extremely fast and cheap but has fewer hit points than other cavalry units. Its mounted gun gives the Zamburak good range, and it inflicts the most damage against heavy cavalry. It only uses up one population slot. It can be trained at the Caravanserai. The Zamburak is the Indian equivalent of the Dragoon.

They are incredibly strong for using only one population, but they are also rather niche in that they only have an attack bonus against hand cavalry and coyote runners. The Disciplined Zamburak upgrade is required before an attack bonus versus artillery is provided (unlike other ranged-cavalry which intrinsically have such a bonus).

Upgrades Edit

The overall stats for Zamburak can be improved by sending improvement-based shipments.

Disciplined ZamburakEdit

Disciplined Zamburak is the first upgrade for the Zamburak. It is available for 100 coinIcon coin and 200 woodResources wood once Fortress Age is reached.

Hit Points: +20% (144)
Hand Attack: +20% (8)
Ranged Attack: +20% (18)
Siege Attack: +20% (9)

Honored ZamburakEdit

Honored Zamburak is the second upgrade for the Zamburak. It is available for 600 coinIcon coin and 600 woodResources wood once Industrial Age is reached.

Hit Points: +30% (180)
Hand Attack: +30% (10)
Ranged Attack: +30% (22)
Siege Attack: +30% (12)

Exalted ZamburakEdit

Exalted Zamburak is the third upgrade for the Zamburak. It is available for 1500 coinIcon coin and 1500 woodResources wood once Imperial Age is reached.

Hit Points: +50% (240)
Hand Attack: +50% (14)
Ranged Attack: +50% (30)
Siege Attack: +50% (16)

History Edit

"A zamburak is a small weapon carried on and fired from the back of a camel. The name comes from the Arabic “zambur,” meaning hornet. Before gunpowder, early versions of the camel-mounted gun featured a bolt-firing crossbow that produced a buzzing twang at discharge, which gave the weapon its name. In later years the crossbow was replaced with a small culverin or falconet attached to the rider’s saddle. The zamburak originated in Egypt, and spread to Iran, India and elsewhere. Attempts to adapt the idea to elephants proved generally unsuccessful, as the beasts would not remain steady under intense enemy fire."

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