This article is about the random map in Rise of the Rajas. For the scenario in Tale of the Dragon, see Yin and Yang.
Yin Yang mini map screenshot

Yin Yang is a special random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas. The map's unique shape represents the Yin Yang symbol and presents unique opportunities throughout the game.

Overview Edit

Unlike the majority of new maps in Rise of the Rajas, Yin Yang is not completely "amphibious".

Players start out in random positions throughout the map. Players may start out trapped within the circular forest ring or begin at the very tip of a landmass occupied by the enemy. Regardless of the position of individual units and resources on the map, there is always a river that snakes through the center of the map, forming the distinctive Yin Yang curvature. The river is shallow enough for the construction of docks along the river at any given point and can be crossed anywhere at any location along the river like all bodies of water. However, the logistics of transporting a large land army can be hindered by the ring of trees near the center of the map which can act as a natural deterrent to direct naval invasion. Likewise, major hot spots are likely to happen between the ring of trees and both the northern and southern ends of the river where the river can be more feasibly be crossed by a large land army. Partial control of the river can be accomplished by acquiring the small circular shaped islands on each end of the river which can be used as jump off points from both sides. These islands are accessible to land units on only one side of the river through shallow land bridges. Likewise, access to the islands and the entire river itself is likely to be contested from both sides.

The two land bodies that are east and west of the river feature topography similar to Arabia, with scattered clumps of trees, mines, and animals found sporadically throughout each side in somewhat scarce numbers.

Environment Edit

Players will start out with Water Buffaloes and Rhinoceroses, as well as Deer, surrounding the players' bases. The trees featured in the players' starting positions are Rainforest Trees, and are not as scarce as in other Southeast Asian maps.

Gold Mines as well as Stone Mines can also be found throughout the map. Box Turtles and Tunas can be found swimming in the deep parts of the river and be gathered for food.

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Age of Empires II- Rise Of The Rajas - -19 Yin Yang - Special Map02:02

Age of Empires II- Rise Of The Rajas - -19 Yin Yang - Special Map

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