Wooden Fence
Fence Icon
First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Base Hit Points200
ResistsHack (5%), Pierce (5%), Crush (5%)
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The Wooden Fence in an unconstructable Wall in Age of Mythology. Fences are only available in the Scenario Editor, but also often appear in missions, mainly for decorative purposes.

Wooden Fences are usually found on missions with countryside, and often represent pens, with livestock (such as Goats and Pigs) kept behind these.

While the fences themselves usually provide nothing to the player owning them, they can ironically deny access to the AI owning them, especially since it will never delete them. For example, in the mission Just Enough Rope a Wooden Fence walls a secret path to the Trojan base, from where the player can sneak attack it, but the Trojans will ignore it.

History Edit

Wooden fences are inexpensive to make and serve mostly to keep deer and other pests out of fields. They are only a minor barrier to determined infiltrators.


  • The Wooden Fence is hidden in the Age of Empires gamefiles, and can be accessed in the Scenario Editor through modification.

Gallery Edit

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