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Winsett's Other Z
AgeStone Age
Trained atTown Center
TypeCheat Unit

The Winsett's Other Z is a cheat unit in Age of Empires that can only be spawned by entering a cheat code, "BIG MOMMA". Like it's stronger sibling, the Winsett's Z, it consists of a fast sports car with a futuristic person in it holding a rocket launcher. The only difference between this unit and the Winsett's Z is its coloring and lower attack points. Although its attack is only 1/5 of the Winsett's Z, it makes this up for its increased fire rate which is 5 times faster. The car's model is white not black, but is the same 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 used for the Winsett's Z.


  • Deals damage in a single area.
  • In game stats reveal that it deals 60 damage per strike but it actually deals double that amount of damage.
  • If placed at a high elevation, the attack can be as high as 180 per hit.
  • The unit fires at a rate of 1 hit for every .5 seconds.

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