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William Wallace

William Wallace in the introductory scene of Research and Technology

William Wallace was a Scottish Knight who led an army of Scots in an attempt to keep Scotland a free and independent kingdom. He is featured and playable in his campaign, which introduces new players the gaming experience of Age of Empires II.


William Wallace
Unit Info
Type Infantry, Hero
Introduced In KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Hit Points 400
Attack 20
Rate of Fire 2.03
Frame Delay 0
Melee Armor 5
Pierce Armor 5
Speed 1
Line of Sight 6
The unit of William Wallace is available in the Scenario Editor, and makes its only appearance in the last battle of the Learning Campaign, The Battle of Falkirk. He has the appearance of a Champion, but has much better statistics. As he is a Hero, he regenerates his health. Also, he is slightly faster than a Champion. Wallace was the strongest unit in the game until the release of The African Kingdoms, where the Abraha Elephant is able to defeat Wallace in single combat.

William Wallace's arrival in The Battle of Falkirk

William Wallace Learning CampaignEdit

The warriors of Scotland attempt to hold off an invasion of the better equipped English armies. Take the command of the highlanders, and learn the basic concepts of Age of Empires II, such as how to build an economy, how to train your soldiers and, most importantly, how to fight and defeat your enemy. If you are new to real-time strategy games, you will learn all you need to know. If you have played the original Age of Empires, then you can skip ahead to new features, such as garrisoning and formations. - Ingame campaign description

The player plays as the Celts. The player color is blue.


The William Wallace Learning Campaign map

  1. Marching and Fighting
  2. Feeding the Army
  3. Training the Troops
  4. Research and Technology
  5. The Battle of Stirling
  6. Forge an Alliance
  7. The Battle of Falkirk


Further Help Edit

For a guide to how to win these battles see Strategy Wiki.
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