This article is about the myth unit in Age of Mythology:Tale of the Dragon. For the treasure guardian in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, see White Tiger (Age of Empires III).
The White Tiger is a Mythic Age myth unit in Age of Mythology:Tale of the Dragon available to the Chinese to those who worship Xi Wangmu.

Special Attack Edit

Jump: leaps towards any enemy unit within a 4–14 meters range, causing 100 Hack damage to all non-ally units within 3 meters. Recharge time: 20 seconds.

Attack Bonuses Edit

  • Myth Unit x3.0
  • Hero x0.5

Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

  • TigerSpirit Tiger Spirit (Xi Wangmu): Increases HP and movement speed by 15%.

Strategy Edit

Thanks to their high stats overall, White Tigers can take on various different units. They can accompany cavalry units in raids against enemy worker units gathering resources away from the safety of their home base. While White Tigers have equally high hack and pierce armor, they are best suited to take on human soldiers with low hack armor as the tigers deal melee damage. Archers are especially vulnerable since Tigers can close onto them quickly thanks to their speed and special attack.

White Tigers have a special jumping attack, like those of Anubites, Amanra, and Bellerophon, which enables them to strike first. This ability even allows them to jump over walls and immediately enter the base of an opponent relying on a turtling strategy. Doing so allows the White Tiger to attack worker units repairing the wall or attempting to escape a raid. If the player chooses a turtling strategy themselves, White Tigers do not need to rely on gates as they can even leap over friendly walls. Jumping also allows them to bypass units in the front lines of an army and reach the frailer units, such as archers, in the rear lines. The best counters to White Tigers are heroes and stronger Myth Units.

Mythology Edit

Original Name -- Bai Hu
Size -- up to 14 feet and 700 pounds
Diet -- Deer, antelope, wild pigs, cattle

The White Tiger, also known as the White Tiger of the West, is a mythological creature representing the Metal element and the autumn season. As the tiger was considered the king of all beasts by ancient cultures, the legends speak of its tail turning white as the creature reached the age of 500 years. It is the guardian of righteousness and only appears to rulers of the highest virtues.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with the Terracotta Warrior, the White Tiger was one of the first Chinese Myth Units introduced to the public on October 2, 2015.
  • The White Tiger has a similar stat distribution to the Chimera and Azure Dragon, with the only difference being that the White Tiger costs Food.

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