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The Western Roman Empire, (along with its eastern counterpart, the Eastern Roman Empire) is a major opponent featured in numerous levels of the Attila the Hun campaign in the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion and in the Alaric campaign, featured in the Forgotten expansion.

Identification Edit

The main (but not always most dangerous) Roman player color is always blue and is of the Byzantines civilization.

Role Edit

The Western Roman Empire can be found on the first, fourth, fifth and sixth Attila the Hun levels. It is only a minor opponent on the first level, Scourge of God, but is a more prominent force in the following levels. On the second and third levels of the campaign, The Great Ride and Walls of Constantinople, they are replaced by the Eastern Roman Empire, represented by various cities and factions. In the final level, Fall of Rome, the Western Roman Empire is in ruins, and Attila must proceed to the now shell of the former empire, destroying almost all cities in Italy in order to complete the level.

Allegiances Edit

The Western Roman Empire is allied with a number of civilizations; notably the Franks, Visigoths (Germanic), Alans (Minor Asians), and Persians (Middle East).

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