"Thick jungle in the south and deadly Sahara in the north, West Africa will not be easy to conquer."

Map description

West Africa mini map with eight players

West Africa is a Real World random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. It depicts the entire western part of the African continent.

Overview Edit

As opposed to all other Real World maps, West Africa is of huge size, 20 Relics are scattered over the map.

The map contains quite a bit of water in the west and south, but it does not play a very big role, as all players start far enough from the shore and can easily reach all parts of the map (with the lone exception of Sicily in the very north) by land.

There are also no rivers in the very open map that only becomes more dense in the jungle in the southeast.

Environment Edit

As the map is very large and depicts a large real world counterpart, several vegetation areas are to be found.

In the south there is tropical rainforest represented by Jungle Trees. Farther north there are different variations of savanna, featuring Acacia Trees, followed by the dry Sahara desert, which features scarce palm forests. The both small European patches of land are grassy terrain with broadleaf forest, composed mostly of Oak Trees.

Gallery Edit

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