The Weapon Cache is a building that detonates large explosions once destroyed and is featured in multiple campaigns in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The building is has a dark grayish color and is fairly small, no bigger than a house. Crates of ammunition, weapons, and gunpowder can be seen cluttered and filling up the building. When the building explodes, it shoots out a bright orange fireball and a large cloud of smoke. Seconds after, a large fire will be raging over where the building once stood.

In the Campaign Edit

The weapon cache is found in multiple of the campaigns featured in Age of Empires III and the expansion packs The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties.

Act I:Blood Edit

The weapon cache makes its first appearance in the scenario "Into the Caves" in Act I: Blood where Morgan fights off the remaining Ottoman stragglers and 8 weapon caches must be destroyed to win the scenario.

Act II: Shadow Edit

The weapon Cache makes its return in The WarChiefs with the scenario Ambushed! in Act II: Shadow where the player gets provided with a Black Powder Wagons to blow up the Weapon Caches and to clear a way and allow Chayton Black to meet with a Sioux leader.

Act III:India Edit

The Weapon Cache makes its final return The Asian Dynasties in " Raid in Delhi" in Act III: India where Nanib and Pravar's forces must destroy the weapon caches to spook nearby Elephants and cause destruction to the British East India Company.

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