This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For other uses of the term, see Watch Tower.
Watch Tower (Age of Mythology)
Location Tower
Age Classical Age
Cost 200 Wood
100 Gold
Research Time 20 seconds

Watch Tower is a common technology in Age of Mythology. It upgrades Sentry Towers to Watch Towers, giving them an attack and increasing their range. Note that Egyptian players get this upgrade automatically and free-of-cost on reaching the Classical Age.

Researching Watch Tower enables two further technologies: Boiling Oil and Crenellations.

Effects Edit

  • Towers gain a ranged attack
  • Tower +6 range
  • Tower +6 LOS


Watch Tower
First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Cost200 Wood
100 Gold
Age AvailableClassical Age
Base Hit Points550
Range Damage10(x2) pierce
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The Watch Tower is an armed improvement on the Sentry Tower, available in the Classical Age.

Damage Bonuses: Edit

  • Flying Units: x3.0
  • Ships: x6.0

Technologies Edit

History Edit

Watch towers were simple structures that provided a good view of the surrounding countryside and shelter for a few soldiers. From the tower the soldiers watched for raiders or advancing enemies. Using messengers or signals of some sort, the watchmen could provide early warning to commanders. Early warning was important for protecting people and livestock, and assembling military forces to oppose invaders.

Gallery Edit

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