War Club
War Club Icon
War Club in game
First AppearanceThe WarChiefs
Heavy Infantry
Cost50 FoodIcon food
40 WoodResources wood
Age AvailableColonial Age
Ages colonial
Base Hit Points120
Pop. Use1
Resists20% vs. Hand
Melee Damage10
Melee Multipliersx4.0 vs. Cavalry
x3.0 vs. Light Infantry
Siege Damage27
Siege Range6
R.O.F.1.5 / 3.0 (Siege)
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The War Club is a Sioux Heavy Infantry unit featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Overview Edit

The War Club is the basic heavy infantry unit of the Sioux. It can be trained from the War Hut. It is effective versus cavalry and light infantry. It does melee damage and has a relatively good siege attack. Use the war club as a cavalry counter and a light infantry counter.The War Club acts like a pikeman to the Sioux with slightly more attack versus other units except cavalry. It can be combined with Cetan Bows to form a cheap combo to take out infantry and cavalry. It can however be defeated by cavalry with a large amount of Hitpoints and splash damage such the Cuirassier, Mahout Lancer and the Spahi or cavalry with a bonus against infantry like Lancer, Jat Lancer, etc.

Unit upgrades Edit

War Hut upgrades Edit

  • Elite Upgrade 25% Effect (+HP & +Damage)
  • Champion Upgrade 25% Effect (+HP & +Damage)
  • Legendary Upgrade 50% Effect (+HP & +Damage)

Arsenal upgrades Edit

If the player sends the New Ways card (available in the Colonial Age and unlocked in the level ten Home City), receive arsenal technologies at the teepee that can improve the War Clubs.

  • Infantry Breastplate: War Clubs' +10% hit points.

Upgrade cards Edit

  • Aggressive Policy: enables the War Clubs to build War Huts, Teepees and Corrals.
  • Wind Runner: War Clubs and all Sioux infantrymen get +10% speed.
  • TEAM Infantry Hitpoints: sent by a Dutch ally; War Clubs receive +15% hit points.
  • TEAM Hand Infantry Attack: sent by a Spanish ally; War Clubs receive +15% attack.
  • TEAM Scout Infantry: sent by an Iroquois ally; all War Clubs get +8 line of sight.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon used by the War Club unit is a gunstock war club, an indigenous weapon used by Native Americans. Indigenous tribes of America most likely created the design of the club based upon European firearms.

History Edit

"The Sioux constructed their war clubs out of a variety of substances: stone, wood, bone, antlers, horn, and sometimes incorporated steel blades. The one consistent feature was an efficacy in combat. One blow from one of these deadly weapons could cripple or kill a grizzly bear, let alone a human opponent."

Gallery Edit

In Other Languages Edit

Spanish: Garrote de Guerra

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