War Canoe
War Canoe Icon
First AppearanceThe WarChiefs
Naval vessel
Cost150 WoodResources wood
100 CoinIcon coin
Age AvailableAges fortress Fortress Age
Base Hit Points400
Training Limit10
Resists50% vs. Ranged
Siege Damage40
Siege Multipliersx2.5 vs. Building
Siege Range30
Siege Area of Effect1
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The War Canoe is a naval unit in the Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. It is available to the Native American civilizations in the game. It is the main naval combat unit of the Sioux and Iroquois.

Overview Edit

The War Canoe is stronger than many other ships which can be trained by the Sioux and Iroquois, but the Aztec Tlaloc Canoe is stronger. It has an acceptable amount of hit points and can take down larger ships when massed, or through the use of the Water Dance or Fire Dance. It can also fish.

History Edit

"One of the largest canoes used by Native Americans comes from the Pacific Northwest. The people there would make large dugout canoes by hollowing out the huge trees native to the region. For example, the Haida constructed war canoes from 70 to 100 feet long, which could hold as many as sixty warriors. Neighboring tribes, like the Makah, still use similar canoes to hunt whales and other sea mammals."

Gallery Edit

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