Wall of Atlantis
Stonewall icon
First AppearanceAge of Mythology
Cost20 Wood
Age AvailableN/A
Base Hit Points3300
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The Wall of Atlantis is a type of wall that appears in some missions of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. As its name suggests, this type of wall is found in the city of Atlantis.

Its stats distribution is identical to the ones of the Wall of Troy.

Overview Edit

The Walls are technically impregnable, as they combine near absolute resistances (99% against all types of damage) with enormous hit points. It should be noted that they are affected by upgrades that affect buildings and walls, so with Hades' bonus and Fortified Walls, their hit points increase further, over 4.500 to be precise.

History Edit

The walls of Atlantis were constructed by expert masons, hewn from rare green granite, and imbued with chemicals not known to other nations.

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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