Walking Palm
First appearanceTale of the Dragon
Myth unit
Base hit points300
Pop. use0
Line of Sight30
ResistsHack (30%)
Pierce (60%)
Crush (99%)
Melee damageHack (8)
Crush (30)
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Walking Jungle Palms (displayed as Walking Palm in-game) are myth units that are available solely to worshipers of Njord in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. More specifically, they are summoned when a player invokes Walking Woods on a forest of Jungle Palm Trees.

Up to eight trees can be transformed into Walking Jungle Palms, that will attack any enemy units or buildings on sight.

They are not to be confused with normal Walking Palms, which have a brown trunk and yellow-green leaves as opposed to the grey trunks and deep green leaves of the Walking Jungle Trees.

Strategy Edit

The player has no control over the trees, but shares their line of sight and they remain until killed. Walking Woods can be used both defensively or offensively. They can provide protection to friendly units in remote areas or can be used to supplement the player's own army. However, they do mediocre damage to units, and heroes kill them easily. It is best to invoke Walking Woods near enemy fortifications as they can destroy buildings easily due to the fact that they deal crush damage.

The trees can also drag down the economy of an enemy by placing them in a forest used by lumberjacks. This will not only force villagers to retreat but also deny the enemy up to 1200 wood. Invoking Walking Woods requires careful timing as the trees are incredibly stupid. They will favor attacking units over buildings despite their advantage and can easily be lured away from an enemy base with a single unit. Even if the trees kill said unit in the chase, they will not return to continue attacking the enemy but rather remain idle until a new foe appears in their LOS.

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