Vulture and Cranes

A Vulture on a watering hole, flying above some crowned cranes

The Vulture is a bird seen in Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology, and Age of Empires III. This bird acts as decor, being neither useful nor harmful to the players.

Age of Empires II Edit

The Vulture is introduced in the The African Kingdoms expansion.

Age of Mythology Edit

The Vulture in Age of Mythology cannot be shot down, but can be killed. If it is killed through modding, it will fall straight through the ground. Sometimes it dies from Son of Osiris chain attacks or Hera's Lightning Storm.

Age of Empires III Edit

Vultures can not be interacted with by any player, but can be selected in the Scenario Editor, and moved around, despite lacking an animation. They are native mainly to desert maps, such as Sonora and the Painted Desert, but also in some plain/prairie maps, such as Texas and Great Plains. A decoration also features them resting in flocks in a tree, with a single Vulture eating from a Cow or Bison carcass.

Trivia Edit

  • The species featured in Age of Mythology seems to resemble a Griffon Vulture, also known as the Eurasian Griffon. It might also represent an Egyptian Vulture, though the coloration of the plumage hints towards other species.

Gallery Edit

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