This article is about the the random map in Age of Mythology. For the Battles of the Conquerors scenario, see Vindlandsaga.
Vinlandsaga map

Vinlandsaga, as it appears in the Random Maps' section.

Vinlandsaga is a random map in Age of Mythology.

It represents Newfoundland, an island off the coast of Canada, where the Norse set the first European colony in the Americas, Vinland.

Overview Edit

When the resources on your small island start to run out, the only choice is to set sail for the New World. But watch out for Skraelings.- Map description.

Players start on isolated islets with limited resources and a Transport Ship. Still, it is suggested to exploit some of the resources, especially the Berry Bushes, before sailing to Newfoundland, as the land is full of predators and hostile natives; even a single Worker loss can prove costly.

In order to expand, each player must journey to the mainland, defending against both their enemies and the native Skraelings that roam the map. Scout the mainland as much as possible, to detect Skraelings that could potentially harm the player's units and to spot Settlements, to build Town Centers. The layout of Settlements is highly asymmetrical, sometimes favoring a single team or a player. 

Rushing is ideal in this map, as it features tight quarters of fighting, as well as Castle Drops. Turtling, providing one has access to one or two Town Centers should be considered, as there are many chokepoints.

Environment Edit

Vinlandsaga in-game

A 4-player Vinlandsaga game.

The starting islets are barren, with limited space, but at least have some Berry Bushes, a Gold Mine and a few trees.

Newfoundland itself includes dense Pine Tree forests with typical Eurasian fauna, such as Boars, Brown Bears, Deer, Elks, Pigs and Wolves. The waters are rich in Salmon, and non-edible whales, orcas and sharks.

The land itself is cold and wild, probably set to the winter season.

Similar Maps Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Apart from Wolves and Salmons, none of the edible animals are native to Newfoundland.
    • Although brown bear and elk probably represent the Newfoundland black bear and Migratory woodland caribou respectively.
  • It was the only Age of Mythology map set in the Americas, before the Titans expansion introduced Tundra, set in subarctic Canada.
  • It is the only map in the game where Skraelings appear.

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