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For the other use of Norse that appears in Age of Mythology, see here.

Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
450px-Rollo statue in falaise
Rollo, baptised Robert and so sometimes numbered Robert I to distinguish him from his descendants, was a Norse nobleman of Norwegian or Danish descent who was founder and first ruler of the Viking principality which soon became known as Normandy
Age of Empires II
Architectural StyleEastern European
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The Viking civilization appears in Age of Empires II.

Overview Edit

The Vikings are primarily an infantry and naval civilization. Their infantry units receive a 10% Hit Point bonus in the Feudal Age, which increases to a 15% Hit Point bonus in the Castle Age and then to a 20% Hit Point bonus in the Imperial Age. They have two unique units, the first being the Berserker, called the Berserk in the game. The Berserk is a warrior equipped with an axe, produced at a castle that regenerates its health over time. Their health regeneration rate can be boosted with the technology Berserkergang.

Their second unique unit is the Longboat which is a warship which shoots many arrows at a time. All Viking ships cost 20% fewer resources, and their team bonus allows docks to be built for 25% less wood. The Vikings can produce all ships except for the Fire Ship and Fast Fire Ship. They lack most gunpowder units, and cannot produce any camel units. Overall, their cavalry units are weak, but they can produce strong archery units such as the Arbalest. They have weak tower defenses and can only upgrade Watch Towers to Guard Towers. They are missing a number of upgrades at the Monastery making their Monks weaker than most civilizations.

The Vikings have a strong economy. The Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart are free once advancing to the Feudal and Castle Ages respectively. They can research all economic technologies except for Stone Shaft Mining and Guilds.

Unique Unit: Berserker (health regenerating infantry), Longboat (warship that fires multiple arrows)

Unique Technologies: Berserkergang (Berserkers have increased health regenation rate), Chieftains (Berserks get +4 attack bonus vs. cavalry)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Warships are 20% cheaper
  • Infantry have +10% HP in Feudal Age, 15% Castle Age, 20% Imperial Age (not cumulative)
  • Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart technologies are free
  • Team Bonus: Docks are 25% cheaper

Changes in "The Forgotten"Edit

  • Team Bonus: Docks -15% cheaper (rather than -25%) (Docks cost 128 wood instead of 113 wood)
  • Viking ship cost now staggered per age: 10% cheaper in Feudal (81w-27g), 15% in Castle (76-25), 20% in Imperial (72-24)
  • Berserk (non-elite) +4 HP
  • Longboats wood cost same as galleys
  • Berserkergang cost 850 food, 400 gold (from 500 food, 850 gold)
  • Berserks/Elite base HP becomes 54/62 (instead of 48/60). Training time of berserk line reduced to 14s (from 16s).

In-game dialogue languageEdit

The language spoken by viking units is Old Norse, the north Germanic/Scandinavian Language spoken by the Vikings. Old Norse is the ancestor of all the North Germanic/Scandinavian languages; Icelandic, Faroese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Norn which was spoken in Orkney and Shetland. Icelandic is by far the closest language to Old Norse.

  • (Yes)
  • Wathothr (What?)
  • Buínn (m)/ Búin (f) (Ready)
  • Hvat? (What?)
  • Rétt (Right)
  • Allt í lagi (Allright)
  • Vil ek (I will)
  • Wugurd
  • Timbrhǫggvandi (Lumber-chopping)
  • Gagnismaðr (useful man)
  • Veiðimaðr (hunterman)
  • Fiskimaðr (fisherman)
  • Búandi (steadfast)
  • Námamaðr (Gathering man)
  • Húsasmiðr (carpenter)
  • Verkmaðr (craftsman)
  • Til bardaga! (to battle!)
  • Radi da!
  • boðorð (bidding)

<-- Changed according to Cleasby and Vigfússon's Old Norse dictionary : -->

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