Hello again!

My current focus here are categories. I intent to improve and simplify the entire categorization in this wiki as there are redundancies and inaccuracies. I noticed others are working on categorization as well and to avoid double edits and undoings I create this blog. If you have any ideas or disagree with what I do in this regard, please share it here. I'm always happy to read other opinions.

Recently, a melee cavalry and ranged cavalry page have been created, which I deleted, since I don't see the use to blow up the cavalry category considering ranged cavalry (note that cavalry archers already have (and keep) their own category) is only a small group of units. That's my opinion. Same with infantry, I don't see the use to split that unit section, either.

So, to get the discussion rolling, a general question: I noticed that some categories are capitalized while most are not. I prefer the capitalized version (Ranged Units rather than Ranged units, Middle East Civilizations instead of Middle East civilizations). What do you think? I want conformity there, so I'd like to know the opinion of the community before I alter the categories (I already started, but then realized what kind of a big deal it is, so I stopped for now). It is some work, as I just found out, more than I thought. I'm happy to do that work, but it'd be awesome just having to do it once.

Another general thing: Some categories have the singular form (e.g. Chinese Technology), while are others have the plural form (e.g. Chinese Gods). Again, I'd like to have conformity there. Which way do you prefer? I think the plural version makes more sense.

MasterBroccoli (talk) 06:59, January 29, 2017 (UTC)

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