Hey i find the tech tree tab for the civilisations rather lackluster and confusing, so i suggest some changes:

First of all, because not all players know the full tech tree by heart, they can't see at first glance which technologies are missing for the respective civilisation, so i plan on filling in the full tech tree to all civilisations and strikethrough the unavailable technologies and units.

Once the entire form is done, it would be easy to copy it to all civilisations and just the unavailable ones would have to be manually stroke through, plus unique units would have to be added

Also imma add the little icons, some people (including me) remember pictures better than names (this has been done for most pages already, but the tech trees have been neglected)

i made a preview for the archery range only, upon positive feedback imma add the full tech tree over the next couple days. the arrows somehow got changed to question marks in the copying process, imma try to restore them upon positive feedback.

a matter for debate is whether to include share unique units like the Genitour or Condotierro. i included them for now, but i don't know if you agree. update: So far everybody has decline the idea, as somewhat expected, i agree that it might clutter up the whole thing.

let me know what you think about the changes.

Update: I forgot to mention: For unique units i suggest some kind of mark to easily see that there is something different and draw attention (when there are non-castle unique units linke the Slinger). i took the liberty to use a bold purple O (representing a circle) for now, but it could also be a U (for unique unit) or some entirely different label (obsolete if we do MasterBroccoli's suggestion).

update Upon MasterBroccoli's suggestion, i find the original tech tree icons much more appealing, and i opted for a table structure for now, which allows for clear formatting (central alignment), with ages either in rows or in columns. while the latter is matter of debate, i personally prefer ages in columns, as it allows for slightly easier editing (adding rows) and gives, in my opinion, a better overview, while the main advantage of ages in rows would be, again in my eyes, the familiarity with the in-game tech tree.

Update: I created an own Sandbox to experiment a little (but please keep the discussion to this blog post in order not to complicate the whole thing). There you can also check out the source code and copy and then modify it, if you wanna play around with it. i also came up with another "problem": units with more than one evolution in one age like Cavalalier+Paladin. For now, i just added another column, but it doesn't really look pretty, let me know when you have a suggestion.

Final update: The Tech Tree revamp is done so far. The buildings are now sorted by purpose and the buildings, units, and techs are represented visually, and by age, similar to the in-game tech tree. Check out Aztecs (Age of Empires II)/Tree for an example. Thanks to everybody who helped, especially User:MasterBroccoli, who uploaded all the necessary images.

Discarded ideas

General form:

Archery Range



so for example the Incas (Age of Empires II) one would look like this:

Archery Range



Sandbox Stuff

Archery Range




Archery Range



Feudalagelogo Archeravailable

Castleage Crossbowmanavailable

Impage Arbalestavailable

Available → → →

Darkage 1,2 1,3 1,4 1,5
2,1 2,2

Ages in rows, like in-game

Archery Range

(requires Barracks-logo Barracks)

Acheryrangeicon Feudalagelogo Archeravailable Skirmisheravailable
Castleage Crossbowmanavailable Eliteskirmisheravailable Cavalryarcheravailable
Impage Arbalestavailable Handcannoneerunavailable Heavycavalryarcherunavailable

9columns(University, Monastery, Castle, if ages in rows)


Universityicon Castleage Thumbringavailable Parthiantacticsavailable Thumbringavailable Parthiantacticsavailable Thumbringavailable Parthiantacticsavailable Thumbringavailable

Ages in columns (preferred by me, some buildings have lots of units/techs and vertical space isn't limited in contrast to horizontal, also easy additions)

Archery Range

(requires Barracks-logo Barracks)

Clicking on any picture links you to the corresponding page [they all link to dark age for this sandbox].

Darkage Feudalagelogo Castleage Impage
Archeravailable Crossbowmanavailable Arbalestavailable
Skirmisheravailable Eliteskirmisheravailable Handcannoneerunavailable
Cavalryarcheravailable Heavycavalryarcherunavailable
Thumbringavailable Parthiantacticsavailable

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