Hello everybody,

first of all sorry for my long absence and neglecting wiki activity, I had a lot to do lately.

But on to the task at hand: As we all know, the Age of Empires pages have been really neglected and their standard is nowhere near that of the second installment, especially concerning pictures. I think we can agree that they need a major overhaul to bring them up to date. With the release of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition in October I think a lot of players will return to the game that started it all, and the Age of Empires Wiki would be a prime source of information for those players, so it would be nice to have all important information ready for them.

Problem is that such an overhaul is a lot of work, and much of it will be outdated as soon as the Definitive Edition is released, so most of the work would be doubled. Most notable here are better pictures, for example Fishing Ship or Long Swordsman don't even have a real icon, and we most likely get better Technology tree images, which is atrocious right now.

What we can definitely do now in my opinion, without much adjustment after the release:

  • Update the Template:AoEUnits: I suggest to adjust it to look like the Template:Units Infobox (Age of Empires II), but with another color to distinguish it. It looks more pleasant and also contains more information. However I need a discussion for such a change.
  • Same goes for buildings and technologies
  • Better strategy hints for the units (in what situation/against which other units they are good or bad).
  • Better strategy hints for Campaigns.

Concerning the rest that comes to my mind spontaneously, that has to be overhauled again after the release:

  • Better icons for units, buildings (problem here is they look different for each civilisation, what to do?), and technologies
  • Technology and buildings icons in lists (I can expand Template:AoE Icons, but then have to rewrite most of it with the new icons)
  • Better technology trees: (A quick fix would be to add the small icons and strikethrough unavailable techs, not too fancy but better than now) There are more prerequisits for each unit/tech/building than in AoE II, so we'll have to see how we manage that.

I personally do not have Age of Empires I anymore, I only used to play it as a kid, so i can not provide any information not already found here at the wiki (on other pages) regarding the game and i cannot take any pictures.

So the main points of discussion:

  • Change the infobox? Change it to make it look similar to the AoE II one? Other suggestions?
  • Is it worth it to upload better icons before the release of the Definitive Edition?
  • Suggestions on how to adjust the tech trees? Quick fix solution before the Definitive Edition?
  • Other suggetions: What do you think needs to be improved concerning the AoE I pages?