Unknown map variations

The different variations of the map.

Unknown is a random type map available in Age of Empires III. The map is available through a patch which also features Hispaniola. The unique part of the map is that it has many different variations and possibilities making it a surprise every time. Just as the maps introduction suggests, "Expect the unexpected for Unknown!"

Overview Edit

Other than a Trade Route which always divides the map in two, the rest of the map is completely randomized. Whether it will be snow, grass, or water, it is up to you to explore and to find out the surroundings. It may be helpful to create multiple decks and to choose which one suits the map. Huntables can be found in very large numbers or scarce, Natives who can or can not appear may be from the Amazon, Caribbean, or Canada. No game is the same. One problem with this map is due to randomness, sometimes players may experience a shortage of resources, Treasures, or not be provided with an Explorer which can really upset the balance of the game.

Information Edit

"The mysterious Unknown! Snow or desert, land or water, Trade routes or Natives or both- you never quite know what you're going to get. Expect the unexpected!"

History Edit

"Explorers, wanderers, and nomads travel great distances uncertain how the journey will end. Will it end in prosperity or poverty? Fame, death, sadness, or glory? Find out what lies beyond the horizon..."

History file

Gallery Edit

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