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Below is a list of all Units from Age of Empires III, alphabetized and arranged by where each unit is trained. Some units under the "Home City" Category can only be received from the Home City. Units with a civilization name in parentheses after it can only be trained by that civilization.

Explorer or Daimyo/Tokugawa Ieyasu Edit

Town Center Edit

Church / Mosque (Ottomans) Edit

Barracks / Blockhouse (Russians) Edit

Galleon Edit

  • All infantry normally available to a civilization.
  • Pirate (Spanish, with home city card)

Stable Edit

Artillery Foundry Edit

Dock Edit

Fort Edit

All Infantry, Cavalry and Banner Armies.

Factory Edit

War Hut Edit

Siege Workshop Edit

Noble's Hut Edit

Corral Edit

Fire Pit Edit

War Academy (Chinese)Edit

Caravanserai Edit

Castle Edit

Consulate Edit

British Allies: (Chinese & Indians)

Dutch Allies: (Japanese)

French Allies: (Indians & Chinese)

German Allies: (Chinese)

Japanese Isolation: (Japanese)

Ottoman Allies: (Indians)

Portuguese Allies: (Japanese & Indians)

Russian Allies: (Chinese)

Spanish Allies: (Japanese)

Livestock Pen / Farm Edit

Village Edit

Sacred Field Edit

Home City Shipment Edit

Confucian Academy Wonder Edit

Summer Palace Wonder Edit

The Shogunate Wonder Edit

Agra Fort Wonder Edit

All Barracks units available, if upgraded also Caravanserai units, and if upgraded twice also Castle units.

Charminar Gate Wonder Edit

Note: Units trained here are called Mansabdar, which have double hit points, and they also boost the attack of nearby units. However this aura is not as effective as the Spanish Unction aura, nor is it highly valued by most players (due to the new units double cost and population use).

Saloon / Monastery Edit

Note: Monastery units have the name "Repentant" in front of them. Only four units; (two Bandit units and two Mercenary units) and Ronin (via a Home City Card upgrade) are available at a time from Saloons or Monasteries. Bandits change depending on the map, while Mercenary units are at random on every map.

Trading Post / Native Embassy Edit

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