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United States
This is the US flag shortly after its independence from Great Britain.
Age of Empires III
Architectural StyleBritish
ContinentNorth America
Home CityPhiladelphia
MapsLand & Water
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The United States of America, simply known as the U.S. is an American civilization that makes its first appearance during the American Revolution campaign. This civilization controlled primarily the eastern section of North America but later other countries in the world as it became more developed. In the original Age of Empires III, the U.S.A only appeared in the campaign and resembled the British civilization. In the New World the U.S. revolted from the British and expanded their country eventually becoming a world superpower by the late 1800s.

Age of Empires IIIEdit

Civilization Bonus: Extra Manor Houses that spawns one Settler.

Unique Units: Rocket

Royal Guard Units: Musketeer, Hussar

Revolution Politician: George Washington

The United States can have a powerful economy because they can create Settlers faster than other civilizations since like the British they spawn settlers whenever a Manor is built.

The United States military is very powerful especially later on in the game because their Musketeers and Hussars, two mainline units, can be upgraded to Royal Guard level.  However unlike the British they train Skirmishers instead of Longbowmen and can also train rockets from their Artillery Foundry and Heavy Cannon from their Factory.

The United States are also a Revolution civilization in the The WarChiefs that are an option to the British and the Dutch and the civilization's special ability is to give Gatling Guns more hitpoints. The United States' politician is George Washington who is also a playable character in Act I: Fire.

Mod AppearancesEdit

The United States also appear as an fully playable civilization on severall mods. The most recognizable are in The Napoleonic Era mod and The War of the Triple Alliance mod, they are very different from each other.

The Napoleonic EraEdit

United States
Flag of the United States in the Napoleonic Era mod
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties
Architectural StyleColonial
FeaturesUnited States exclusive features:
  • Several Types of Gatherers
  • Frontiersmen instead of Explorer
  • Politicians grant additional bonuses for aging up.
  • At each age, the player also gains an additional Frontiersman
  • Covered Wagons can also turn into mills or plantations
  • They can recruit Continental Marines from the Dock and Town Center to protect the country and attack the enemy
  • Instead of mercenaries, Americans can ship auxiliary troops and immigrants from European countries.
  • ContinentNorth America
    Unique UnitsUnited States exclusive units:
  • Frontiersman
  • Miner
  • Slave
  • Marine
  • Mounted Rifleman
  • Exclusive BuildingsUnited States exclusive buildings:
  • Lookout
  • Ranch
  • Royal Guard UnitsUnited States royal units:
  • Mounted Rifleman
  • Skirmisher
  • Home CityBoston
    PersonalityGeorge Washington
    MapsAll types
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    During the period from 1789-1849, the United States government was formed by its first president, George Washington. In numerous wars against Europeans and American Indians, as well as the acquisitions of landscapes and other agreements was formed the American temper and a large, solidified nation. Their personality is George Washington, He is a defensive character who tries to defend his citizens. War is a necessary evil, to him. He looks for trade routes, if possible. His settlements never will be defenseless.

    The War of The Triple AllianceEdit

    Wotta Americans
    The flag of the United States
    Age of Empires III (all expansions):
    Architectural StyleNorth American
    FeaturesAmerican Features:
  • Have extra market techs at the American unique building, the General Store
  • Have 6 "Great Companies" to choose from at the General Store
  • Have a unique building with many health-related techs unlocked by selecting Clara Barton as a politician: Hospital
  • Can select between the Confederate or Union faction at the Congress
  • Politician selection determines if you can train Union or Confederate units
  • ContinentNorth America
    Exclusive BuildingsGeneral Store
    Royal Guard UnitsAlmost all units
    Home CitySt.Louis
    PersonalityAbraham Lincoln
    MapsAll types
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    The United States of America has, in the wake of Manifest Destiny and westward expansion, doubled in size and power. As the Union continues to grow, it needs a capable leader to keep it together. Abraham Lincoln, born in Kentucky, raised a strong-armed farmhand, and practiced in law, is just the man for the job. Tall, honest, and committed, President Lincoln will lead the United States into prosperity.

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