In contrast to the previous installments of Age of Empires Series, in Age of Empires III and both of its expansions The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties, the unit upgrades of every civilization usually do not change the original name of the unit, and most of the cases only add a title word. A new upgrade becomes available in every age.

The original installment is the only in which some unit's names were changed for the Second Upgrade.

The upgrade effect is always applied to the base units stats. Some of the units available in later ages have better base stats because they don't get the early upgrades, thus their later upgrades are more powerful in comparison.

Fortress Age Upgrade Edit

The Fortress Age upgrade adds +20% to HP and Attack for the unit, at a cost of 200 woodResources wood, 200 coinIcon coin for the European; and 200 woodResources wood, 100 coinIcon coin for the Native American and Asian Civilizations.

  • European: Veteran
  • Native American: Elite
  • Asian: Disciplined

Industrial Age Upgrade Edit

The Industrial Age upgrade adds +30% to HP and Attack for the unit, at a cost of 600 woodResources wood and 600 coinIcon coin for the European, Indian and Japanese civilizations. For the Chinese, it is 300 woodResources wood and 300 coinIcon coin, and for Native American civilizations it is 400 woodResources wood and 200 coinIcon coin.

  • European: Guard
  • Native American: Champion
  • Asian: Honored

Royal Guard Upgrade Edit

For the Europeans some of the Upgrades carry the title of Royal Guard and boosts hit points and attack by an additional 10%, to a total of 40%. The cost is 1000 woodResources wood and 1000 coinIcon coin.

These are the units available:

Artillery Edit

Artillery units get special upgrades which change the unit name. They cost 250 woodResources wood and 250 foodIcon food and add +25% to HP and attack.

-For the European Civilization 1200 woodResources wood and 1200 coinIcon coin adds +50% to HP and attack.

-For the Asian Civilization 1000 woodResources wood and 1000 coinIcon coin adds +50% to HP and attack.

Imperial Age Upgrade Edit

The Imperial Age upgrade adds +50% to HP and Attack for the unit, at a cost of 1500 woodResources wood and 1500 coinIcon coin for European, Indian and Japanese civilizations, and 750 woodResources wood and 750 coinIcon coin for the Chinese. Artillery upgrades cost 1000 woodResources wood and 1000 coinIcon coin for Asian civilizations.

  • European: Imperial
  • Native American: Legendary
  • Asian: Exalted

Auto Upgrades Edit

Some units in Age of Empires III upgrade automatically when reaching a new age, instead of the upgrade having to be bought and researched. These are usually units who aren't trained in the normal way, including Spahis and Consulate units.

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