Uninvited Guests is the third and last scenario of the Learn to Play tutorial campaign in Age of Mythology. Arkantos sees a small band of pirates land on the island, and decides to attack them.

The scenario teaches the player how to advace to the next Age, and how to train soldiers.

Objectives Edit

  1. Advance to the next Age. (Select the Town Center, then click the flashing button.)
  2. Build an Academy. (If you have a Villager selected, the Academy button will be flashing in the bottom left window on the screen.)
  3. Train four hoplites. (With the Academy selected, the Hoplite button will be flashing. Hoplites are an excellent fighting unit for the Greeks.)
  4. Build a House. (Select a Villager, left-click the House button, then left-click in the main game window to place the House.)
  5. Claim the unclaimed Settlement. (Claiming unclaimed Settlements is the only way to increase your civilization's population to its maximum. In future scenarios, exploring to find these unclaimed Settlements is very important.)
  6. Build a Tower. (Sentry Towers provide extra line of sight and excellent defenses for your town.)
  7. Upgrade the Tower. (Upgrades can be purchased at many of your buildings.)
  8. Train a centaur. (With the Temple selected, the Centaur button will be flashing. Left-click directly on it to train a Centaur.)
  9. Ring the Town Bell to protect your Villagers, then fight off the initial pirate attack. (In future scenarios, using your Town Bell can keep you in the game. Remember, if your Villagers are indoors, they're not out gathering resources.)
  10. Send your Villagers back to work. (Select the Town Center, then left-click the flashing button to send your Villagers back to work.)
  11. Train enough units to defeat the pirates. Train at least four Hoplites and one Centaur. (This objective doesn't have a hint.)
  12. Destroy all enemy soldiers and buildings at the pirate camp. (With any or all of your soldiers (not Villagers) selected, use your mouse to right-click on the pirate tents and soldiers to attack them.)

Players Edit

Ally Edit

  • Wall (Poseidon): Consists of two wooden walls that block the player from attacking the enemy before the end of the scenario.

Enemy Edit

  • Pirates (Zeus): Located to the north of Arkantos's base. They have a few Spearmen, an Anubite, an Obelisk and a few Tents, all of which must be destroyed to end the scenario.

Strategy Edit

The player starts out in the Classical Age, with Poseidon as the major god. The enemy soldiers are located to the northeast, but are currently unreachable, as an allied player's wall blocks the way.

Arkantos must advance to the next Age and construct a House and a Military Academy, and then train four Hoplites. After this, he is given two extra Villagers to claim the available Settlement to the north, and tasked with constructing and upgrading a Sentry Tower to defend against enemy raids. Once the Tower has been upgraded, he must train a Centaur at the Temple.

The player is then told to ring the Town Bell, after which two Spearmen will arrive to attack the camp. After easily dispatching them, Arkantos must take his soldiers to the enemy camp. When the player's soldiers come near the enemy, the player is given a Meteor, and can either use it on the foe, or just slay them with their soldiers. Either way, the scenario ends when the enemy's units and buildings are removed from the map.