Two-Man Saw
Introduced in KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Civilization See table
Age Imperial-age-research Imperial Age
Researched at LumberCamp-icon Lumber Camp
Required Research Bowsaw Bow Saw
Research Time 100 seconds
Research Cost
Wood 200
Food 300
Effect Villagers gather wood 10% faster

Two-Man Saw is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Lumber Camp once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, it allows Villagers to gather wood 10% faster.

It is worth noting that the Celts already chop wood 15% faster due to their civilization bonus. As a consequence, they have the fastest wood chopping in the game, despite lacking Two-Man Saw.

Technology availability
Available Unavailable

Civilization bonuses Edit

History Edit

The large two-man saw allowed two men to work together taking down a tree and increased the productivity of both. One man pulled the saw toward him with both hands and cut the tree. The second man rested but kept his hands on the saw. When the first man finished his pull, the second man pulled the saw back and the first man rested. The two-man saw cut with each back and forth motion and had big teeth and cut deeply, bringing trees down in quick time. Because each operator could use two hands when pulling, they could handle the large size and pull.

Economic Technologies (Age of Empires II)

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Dock: III: Gillnets
Lumber Camp: II: Double-Bit Axe III: Bow Saw IV: Two-Man Saw
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