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Two-Handed Swordsman
Unit Info
Type Infantry
Introduced In KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Civilization See description
Age Imperial-age-research Imperial Age
Trained At Barracks-logo Barracks
Training Time 21 seconds
Training Cost
Food 60
Gold 20
Hit Points 60
Attack 12 melee
Attack Bonuses +8 vs Eagle Warrior
+4 vs Standard Building
Rate of Fire 2.03
Melee Armor 0
Pierce Armor 1
Armor Classes Infantry
Speed 0.9
Line of Sight 5
Unit Evolution
Upgraded From LongswordsManIcon Long Swordsman
Upgrades To ChampionIcon Champion
Upgrade Cost Champion-research 750 Food, 350 Gold
Upgrade Time 100 seconds

"Stronger than Long Swordsman. Cheap and quick to create."

Age of Empires II description

The Two-Handed Swordsman is an infantry unit in Age of Empires II that can be trained at the Barracks once the Imperial Age is reached. It is the fourth tier upgrade of the Militia line.

Two-Handed Swordsmen are available to all civilizations except for the Persians.

Tactics Edit

There really is not much to elaborate about the Two-Handed Swordsman as performance-wise it is very similar to its predecessor; despite the substantial improvements to stats it is not that big of a step up, and the same general strategies still apply.

With that said, however, the Two-Handed Swordsman is still one of the stronger non-unique Imperial Age units the player can train, only being particularly weak against heavy cavalry, massed archers, and certain unique units. Their relative cheapness and quick creation also help when a large number of them is needed.

In later stages of the game, Two-Handed Swordsmen are not seen very often because the Champion upgrade becomes available the moment the Two-Handed Swordsmen upgrade is researched. It is mostly used in certain situations where the player has a shortage of food or gold for the final upgrade, or at the early Imperial Age. For the Huns, Ethiopians, Khmer, Malay, and Mayans, this is the most they can get out of the Militia line since they lack the Champion upgrade.

Further Statistics Edit

Unit Strengths and Weaknesses
Strong vs. Skirmishers, Halberdiers, Camels, Eagle Warriors, buildings, Light Cavalry
Weak vs. Archers, Scorpions, Cataphracts, Jaguar Warriors, Boyars, Hand Cannoneers, Conquistadors, Janissaries, Slingers, Teutonic Knights
Attack Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace, Arson (increases attack against buildings), Garland Wars (Aztecs only), Druzhina (Slavs only, gives trample damage), Chieftains (Vikings only, gives attack bonus against cavalry and camels)
Armor Scale Mail Armor, Chain Mail Armor, Plate Mail Armor
Speed Squires
Sight Tracking
Conversion Defense Faith, Heresy
Creation Speed Conscription, Perfusion (Goths only)
Train Cost Forced Levy (Malay only, eliminates the gold cost)
Upgrades Two-Handed Swordsmen can be upgraded to Champions

Civilization Bonuses Edit

Team Bonuses Edit

Changelog Edit

The Age of Kings Edit

  • Two-Handed Swordsmen have 11 attack.
  • Two-Handed Swordsmen have +3 attack against buildings.
  • Two-Handed Swordsmen have 0 pierce armor.
  • Goths: Two-Handed Swordsmen are 25% cheaper.

The Conquerors Edit

  • Two-Handed Swordsmen have +6 attack against Eagle Warriors.
  • Two-Handed Swordsmen now have 1 pierce armor.
  • Heresy introduced.
  • Goths: With patch 1.0c, Two-Handed Swordsmen are 35% cheaper. Perfusion introduced.

The Forgotten Edit

  • Two-Handed Swordsmen now 12 attack.
  • Two-Handed Swordsmen now have +4 attack buildings.
  • Two-Handed Swordsmen now +8 attack against Eagle Warriors.

The African Kingdoms Edit

  • Arson introduced.
  • With patch 4.8, Chieftains now affects Two-Handed Swordsmen.

Trivia Edit

  • The Militia line is the only unit line in the game with more than three stages.
  • The Malay is the only civilization to have the Militia line (except the Champion) as trash unit (once the Forced Levy is researched).

History Edit

"As armor improved, so did weapons. The two-handed sword was an innovation that allowed a man to swing with the power of both arms, not just one. This was a long and heavy sword, and it required a strong and well-trained man. The two-handed swordsman was a formidable adversary in hand-to-hand combat. Two-handed swordsmen used no shield and relied on the power of their attack to overcome an opponent's shield and armor. Although he struck fewer times, each swing had the potential of being a mortal blow, regardless of the armor and weapons of the defender."

Gallery Edit

Unit Evolution: Militia

MilitiaIcon Militia --> ManAtArmsIcon Man-at-Arms --> LongswordsManIcon Long Swordsman --> 2HandedswordsmanIcon Two-Handed Swordsman --> ChampionIcon Champion

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