AoEIII Tutorial

The scenario's minimap.

The Tutorial for Age of Empires III is the first level of the game, recommended for new players.

Tutorial Edit

The player plays as the British (in reality, the in-game faction is named "English Colonists"), and has one Explorer, one Caravel, three Musketeers and some Settlers (that appear after a Town Center pops out).

First, move the Explorer to designated locations (by flags), and repeat the same thing with the newly provided Musketeers.

The player must head towards a required location to set up a new colony. Then, they must continue building it and advance to the Colonial Age, after which the Spanish begin to attack. Victory is achieved when they are defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • The fact the in-game faction is referred as "English Colonists", rather than "British" refers to the fact that at the beginning of the colonization of the Americas, the United Kingdom didn't exist.
    • Scotland and England were legally separate kingdoms, until each parliament passed an Act of Union, at 1707, thus officially founding the United Kingdom.

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