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Turtle Ship
Unit Info
Type Naval Vessel, Gunpowder Unit
Civilization ConquerorsIconKoreans
Age Castle-age-reseach Castle Age
Trained At Dock-logo Dock
Training Cost
Wood 200
Gold 200
Hit Points 200, 300 (Elite)
Attack 50, 50 (Elite)
Range 6, 6 (Elite)
Armor 6, 8 (Elite)
Pierce Armor 5, 6 (Elite)
Speed Slow
Unit Evolution
Upgrades To Elite Turtle Ship
Upgrade Cost Elite-unique-research 1000 Food, 800 Gold

The Turtle Ship and its upgraded version the Elite Turtle Ship is a unique Korean naval unit that is featured in the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion.

The Turtle Ship is a Korean slow heavily armoured battleship that is most effective for destroying enemy warships at a close range. The Turtle Ship is made available to be built at a Dock after the player has built at least one Castle. The Turtle Ship is one of the two unique units of the Korean civilization.

Tactics Edit

The Turtle Ship is one of the major Korean advantages. A single Turtle Ship can wipe out a small fleet of enemy vessels. When faced with enemy turtle ships, the wisest idea is to build Heavy Demolition Ships and use them to attack the Turtle Ships, as they are only good versus ships meant to survive.
Turtle ship

Original Turtle Ship appearance (before version 1.0c).

A group of five Turtle Ships can take out a good portion of a hostile navy, and can also be used as very devastating cover during the first stage of a land attack. The Turtle Ship's weakness include its short range and slow speed, allowing other ships to utilize hit-and-run tactics on it. The Turtle ship is also very expensive costing as much as a single Trebuchet, while the ship is very formidable it's not invincible and cannot make any speedy retreats out of combat if it gets too rough; not only being relatively slow but bulky as a target.

The player must not fall in the trap to only create Turtle Ships and this kind of mistake can prove costly. To work properly Turtle ships must be paired with other naval vessels, most likely Fire Ships (which are faster and can take down enemy ships that may represent a problem for the Turtle Ship) ,and Galleons ( which have a ranged attack and can support the turtle Ships at distance). The place of the turtle ship in the navy is to be a tanky Naval vessel that can absorb great damage before sinking and deal great casualties to the enemies.

The Turtle Ship is also weak against siege units such as onagers and mangonels and should avoid them at all costs.

Further StatisticsEdit

Turtle Ships are very heavily armored, with the non-elite Turtle Ship possessing +8 defense against anti-ship attack bonuses that other ships and towers typically deal against ships (and camels). While the elite turtle ship has +11 defense against anti-ship attack bonuses, making this unique unit especially formidable. This bonus defense counters almost all the bonus attack that ships (War Galley and Fireships) and towers get against naval vessels; while Elite Turtle Ship simply improves upon this already formidable defense while also receiving a small boost to defense against Fast Fire Ships.

The Forgotten ChangesEdit

  • Turtle Ships cost reduced to 180 wood, 180 gold.

artwork of the Turtle Ship

Unit Strengths and Weaknesses
Strong vs. Ships at close distance, Buildings on the Shoreline ( except Towers and Castles), non ranged Units on the Shoreline or shallows
Weak vs. Bombard Cannon, Monk, Trebuchet, Castles, Towers, Condottiero ( in the Shallows), Samurai, ( in the Shallows), Demolition ships if massed
Armor Careening
Speed Dry Dock, Panokseon
Conversion defense Faith
Creation Speed Shipwright
Train Cost Shipwright
Upgrades Turtle Ship can be upgraded to Elite Turtle Ship

African Kingdoms Changes Edit

Turtle ship no longer requires Castle

History Edit

"Under attack by samurai Japan in 1592, the fate of Korea and perhaps China depended on breaking the invader’s supply lines at sea across the Straits of Korea. Korean admiral Yi Sun-Shin won two great naval victories off southern Korea with the aid of Turtle Ships, the first armored warships in history. These oarpowered ships had a low profile and mounted a battery of cannons on their broadside. Their sides and top were rounded and shaped like a flat turtle shell. They were not well suited for use on the high sea but quite useful in coastal waters where waters were relatively calm. The Japanese ships were at a great disadvantage in combat against them. Most missile fire glanced off their rounded armor. They offered no openings for enemy boarding parties. Unarmored enemy ships were quickly disabled by their cannon."

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