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For the Age of Empires III civilization, see Ottomans
Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
This is an Ottoman sultan Mehmed II. He was also the commander of the Ottoman military during the conquest of Constantinople in 1453.
Age of Empires II
Architectural StyleMiddle Eastern
ContinentWest Asia
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The Turks are a civilization in Age of Empires II, which is based off the Ottoman Empire. They also represents the earlier Seljuk Turks in the Manzikert scenario on the Battles of the Conquerors campaign.


The Turks are a gunpowder oriented civilization and are primarily an offensive civilization. Many of their unique bonuses and technology benefits their gunpowder units. Turks obtain Chemistry for free, and the gunpowder units from their Archery Ranges, Siege Workshops and Docks are stronger than those of other civilizations. Their unique unit, the Janissary, is a more powerful version of the Hand Cannoneer. Artillery, their unique technology, increases range for all cannon units. This allows Bombard Towers and Bombard Cannons to hit targets from further away and gives Turkish Elite Cannon Galleons 17 range. Turkish Elite Cannon Galleons with Artillery and Trebuchets with Siege Engineers researched are tied for longest range attack in the game.

Unique Unit: Janissary (hand cannoneer with increased range)

Unique Technologies: Artillery (increased range for Bombard Towers, Bombard Cannons and Cannon Galleons), Sipahi (Cavalry Archers +20 HP)

Civilization BonusesEdit

Changes in The ForgottenEdit

  • Elite Janissaries are now affected by the Turkish team bonus

In-game dialogue language (Turkish)Edit

  • Evet? (Yes?)
  • Emrin? (Your command?)
  • Hazır (Ready)
  • Efendim? ("Sir?", or "My lord?")
  • Doğru (Right)
  • Yaparım (I’ll do it)
  • Tamam (Ok)
  • Oduncu (Lumberjack)
  • Seyis (Groom)
  • Avcı (Hunter)
  • Balıkçı (Fisherman)
  • Çiftçi (Farmer)
  • Madenci (Miner)
  • Usta (Builder)
  • Tamirci (Repairer)
  • Saldır! (Attack!)
  • İleri! (Forward!)
  • Allah-Allah! (warcry)

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