A Tupi settlement.
Age of Empires III
ContinentSouth America
Unique UnitsTupi blackwood archer
TechnologiesTupi warrior societies
Champion Tupi
Tupi poison arrow frogs
Tupi forest burning
Tupi animal lore
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The Tupi are a minor civilization in Age of Empires III.


The Tupi are available as allies on the Amazonia and Pampas maps. Once a Trading Post is built at their camp, a player can recruit Tupi blackwood archers and research available upgrades.


Tupi upgrades focus on increasing an allies archers in combat, reducing building wood costs and training Cougars along with the gold reserves and anti-building attacks.

Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs (Discovery Age): Increases archer damage by 10%.
Cost:225 Wood, 225 Coin

Tupi Forest Burning (Discovery Age): Reduces the wood needed for buildings by 20%.
Cost: 175 Food, 175 Coin

Tupi Animal Lore (Discovery Age): Allows Cougars to be trained from the home city.
Cost: 75 Wood, 75 Coin

Tupi Warrior Societies (Fortress Age): Tupi attack and hit points raised by 25%.
Cost: 200 Wood, 150 Coin

Tupi Champions (Industrial Age): Tupi attack and hit points raised by 40%.
Cost: 400 Wood, 300 Coin


  • Tupi forest burning can be stacked with other building cost reduction cards for a significant discount.
    • The Spanish can have free Barracks and the Chinese can have very cheap War Academies when this upgrade is combined with TEAM Cheap Barracks (-50% barracks cost, -25% war academy cost) and/or TEAM Art of War (-30% barracks cost, -30% war academy cost).
    • The Spanish can exploit their free barracks to build walls using the structure. If the Russians are the third ally in a 3 vs 3 game and send TEAM Barracks Hitpoints the barracks will possess 5,000 hit points each, significantly more than a basic wall. In conjunction with Improved Buildings they will posses even more hitpoints.
    • The Japanese can stack this with their cheap shrine card (Heavenly Kami) for 35% cheaper shrines (81 Wood vs. 125).
  • Tupi poison arrow frogs are useful when stacked with other archer damage upgrades and home city card shipments.
    • The Japanese Ikko-Ikki monks benefit from this upgrade.
  • Tupi animal lore is largely useless, it adds some population free units to your attack force but ultimately it's hard to work into a strategy versus flesh and blood opponents.
  • All native tribes can only be upgraded to Legendary/Exalted status at the Town Center or Capitol, they can be upgraded to Elite/Disciplined or Champion/Honored for free through some Home City shipments.
  • Civilizations can remove the upgrade gold costs, or cut the upgrade costs in half depending on their home city cards.

In-game dialogueEdit

They probably speak Old Tupi, an extinct language of the Tupi-Guarani family.

se guatavo (I will go)
tape (path??)
hee (yes)
inera (attack)
nidivi (attack)

History Edit

"When the Portuguese, French, and Dutch penetrated the interior of Brazil they encountered a number of warlike and aggressive tribes called the Tupi. The coastal Tupi lived mainly by agriculture, growing manioc, yams, tobacco, beans, squash, peppers, and other crops in forest clearings. When the soils were depleted, they would move to a new location, clear the trees, and replant.

In the sixteenth century they became embroiled in the wars between Europeans fighting in Brazil, mainly the French and Portuguese, who both employed native allies. Many of the Tupi were forced to work on the plantations, but they fared poorly and died. They suffered from epidemics that swept through their villages, and were forcibly taken from their villages to be sold as slaves, often by enemy tribes. European encroachment spread as the trees were cleared, and sugar plantations were established. Devastated by the recurring wars, disease, and slavery, the remaining Tupi withdrew up the Amazon into interior lands the Europeans did not want.


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