The Tundra Tree, also known as Tamarack, is a type of tree, featured in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Overview Edit

Like other trees featured in the random maps, the Tundra Tree yields 150 wood, and can be chopped down by any Worker unit in two strikes (in one if an Egyptian player has researched Adze of Wepwawet).

They are found exclusively in one map, Tundra. They are found in scarce amounts, so wood is rarer than food on this map, and there are also fewer chokepoints to wall.

History Edit

"The Tamarack or Black Larch is a coniferous tree that loses all of its foliage in the fall. Most conifers are evergreen, dropping foliage throughout the year, but never all at once. The Tamarack makes smallish, handsome cones with rounded scales. In fall the tree's foliage turns yellow before falling off.

The tree's preferred climate is cool moist mountain slopes, bogs and swamps.

The roots of the Tamarack were used by Native Americans to sew together birch-bark canoes and its Algonquin name "Akemantak" means "wood used to make snowshoes." The tree had many uses for Native Americans; boat ribs, arrows, medicine and many other things could be made from this tall tree.

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Trivia Edit

  • Black Larches are native to Canada (including Newfoundland) and Alaska.
    • This makes Tundra the second map in Age of Mythology that is certainly set in the Americas, after Vinlandsaga.

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