Tundra whole

A panoramic view of the map.

Tundra is a Random Map in Age of Mythology. It represents the subarctic parts of North America (where Norse adventurers set temporary colonies, not unlike in Vinland).

Overview Edit

A cold, wind-swept land with little wood and herds of arctic animals.- Map description.

This map could be considered the Age of Mythology parallel to Arabia, as it is an open, landlocked (except for some shallow ponds) wasteland, with resources spread thinner than in most maps, though Tundra is much richer in Food, with many huntables around the land. Wood however, is limited, with tree bunches being often quite away from each other.

It is hard, if not, downright impossible to turtle, so a player must emphasise on mobility and offence, though it is recommended to wall when expanding to a distant Gold Mine, and add a Tower, as it is extremelly easy to be rushed on this map.

Major Gods with excellent cavalry, mobility-related bonuses and/or low reliance on wood are awesome choices for this map; the best include Odin, Loki, Isis (despite not being an Offensive God) and Poseidon. Atlanteans, a culture often focusing on mobility, can also fare well on this map, providing they are careful of early rushes, that can severely damage their economy, especially if they choose Theia, with her excellent Contarii.

Environment Edit

Huntables include Aurochs, Caribou, Elks, but most important of all, Arctic Wolves, who are highly aggressive, attacking even military units, as in Age of Empires II. Polar Bears also lurk, and are highly dangerous. Vultures also fly above the permafrozen landscape.

Trees featured on this map are Black Larches (also known as Tamaracks), native to Canada (including Newfoundland) and Alaska. They are known in-game as Tundra Trees, and are found in scarce forests, making walling next to impossible.

The ground is barren, full of permafrost and also features lichens. The climate is cold and it snows in-game; however, the map is probably set in the short (for subarctic and arctic regions) summer season; as the sun is somewhat bright, and it doesn't snow heavily.

Gallery Edit

Similar Maps Edit

  • Yukon (another subarctic map in the Americas)
  • Great Plains (another open map with abundant huntables)
  • Arabia (see overview)

Trivia Edit

  • It is the second map in Age of Mythology to be certainly set in the Americas, after Vinlandsaga, and the most realistic of both, as it features mostly correct wildlife.
    • If Marsh is set in the Americas, then it is the third.
  • Aurochs weren't native in the Americas. However, it was planned to replace them with Musk Oxen in Tundra, who live there. For unknown reasons, the idea was scrapped.

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