This article is about the unit in Age of Mythology. For the unit in Age of Empires, see Trireme (Age of Empires).
Trireme (Age of Mythology)
Civilization Greek
Age/God ClassicalAge Classical Age
Unit Type Ship
Cost 100 Wood
50 Gold
Population 2
Attack Hack Pierce Crush
6 x 3
Range 16 feet
Hit Points 290
Armour Hack Pierce Crush
30% 20% 10%
Speed 6.0 feet/second
Line of Sight 24 feet
Train at Dock
Train Time 14 seconds

The Trireme is the Greek arrow ship and is available at the Dock from the Classical Age in Age of Mythology.

Strategy Edit

Triremes are critical in gaining control of water as they are the only warship available in the Classical Age. They are also effective in sinking enemy transports. Once in the Heroic Age they will need support from other warships in order to be effective. They deal bonus damage against Hammer Ships and Transport Ships. Siege Ships will destroy them easily. Naval myth units and coastal siege weapons are also a large threat.

Attack Bonuses Edit

Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

General Edit

Changelog Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • The Trireme's range is 12.

The Titans Edit

  • Range is changed to 16.

Extended Edition Edit

  • Range is changed to 14.

Trivia Edit

  • The emblem featured in their sails is the Vergina Sun, an ancient emblem of the Argead Dynasty of Macedon.

History Edit

This oared galley propelled the classical Greek city states, and Athens in particular, into a naval power. The trireme (trieres in Greek) was named because the oarsmen were stationed at 3 levels, allowing more men to fit on a smaller ship. A standard trireme was about 120 ft long, and manned by over 150 oarsmen. the ships could cover about 180 nautical miles at a constant speed of 7.5 knots. They also had square sails, which could not always be used on the temperamental Mediterranean Sea. During the wars with Persia, Athens alone commanded over 200 of these ships.

Gallery Edit

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