The Tribal Council is the council of leaders for the Native American civilizations in Age of Empires III.

They are a replacement of the Home City for the Sioux and the Iroquois, but not for the Aztecs, whose Home City is similar in structure to the one of European civilizations.

They are also used instead of politicians when the Native Americans age up. While in the European model there are different politicians available depending on the Age, the same five Tribal Councillors are available all game. The power of the bonus they provide depends on the Age in which they are chosen. Each Councillor is only able to be used once per game per player, similar to Wonders.

The Messenger Edit

The Messenger allows a faster aging up for all Native American Civilizations, similar to The Exiled Prince, plus a Travois for Iroquois.

The Wise Woman Edit

The Wise Woman provides economical upgrade or shipment. For the Aztec, The Wise Woman provides an upgrade for gathering at the Farm and Plantation. For the Iroquois, The Wise Woman provides Food, Gold and Wood shipments and a Travois. For the Sioux, The Wise Woman provides Bison and a hunting bonus.

The Warrior Edit

The Warrior provides one of the best unit for each Civilization. The Aztec receive the Skull Knight, the Iroquois receive a Mantlet and a Travois, and the Sioux receive Axe Rider, and the number of units is dependent on the Age in which The Warrior is chosen.

The Shaman Edit

The Shaman Bonus varies depending on the Civilization. The Aztec receive a Nobles Hut, a Travois and Boosting their Nobles Hut unit. The Iroquois receive travois, though the number of units is dependent which age The Shaman chosen.The Sioux receive a shipment of food, though amount of food sent varies depending on the Age in which The Shaman is chosen.

The Chief Edit

The Chief provides either an economical upgrade or unit for the Sioux and Iroquois, and a Warchief improvement for Aztec. The Sioux receive a shipment of wood, the Iroquois receive a shipment of Villager plus a Travois. The number of wood shipped over and the number of villagers depends on which Age which The Chief is chosen.

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