Traitor is a Heroic Age god power in Age of Mythology available to the Atlanteans but the player must worship Rheia. Once this ability is summoned, the player gains permanent control of any enemy unit. Traitor has two uses (three in the Extended Edition) but a cooldown period of four minutes.

Strategy Edit

Traitor is best used on powerful myth units as doing so will weaken the enemy while strengthening the player's forces. Units with useful powers such as healing or with instant-kill abilities are especially useful. Any myth technologies that affect units in general, such as Atlas' Eyes of Atlas, will affect units converted to the player’s side. When used in combination with Hekate's Mythic Rejuvenation myth technology, Traitor can technically grant all Myth Units normally trained from a temple to regenerate HP. This also that converted units will lose any upgrades available that the user of Traitor has not or cannot research (for example, a converted Elder Cyclops will become a regular Cyclops).

For those reasons, using Traitor on human soldiers is not a wise decision as most of them, notably the Egyptian soldiers, are only upgraded by technologies unavailable to Atlanteans. However, Norse infantry may be converted as they are capable of constructing buildings. Players may use an Ulfsark to build a Town Center on a Settlement in an area that would be otherwise unsafe for a Citizen.

This God Power can be used twice so only two units can be converted in total, although the number is increased to three in the Extended Edition. If possible, players are advised to save the god power for when they reach the maximum population cap. Converting units does save resources but it will still use up population. Being at the population limit does not prevent the use of Traitor.

Unaffected Units Edit

The following units are not affected by Traitor:

History Edit

"The Titan Rheia, tired of Kronos eating their children, slipped him a swaddled rock instead of the infant Zeus. Skilled at such deceptions, Rheia can turn the hearts of even your most staunch enemies with the Traitor God Power. This power is best used on units your enemy will hate most to lose like healers or powerful myth units. --"

In-game help section

Trivia Edit

  • All units converted by the Traitor god power will receive an amount of damage equal to 15% of their max hp
  • If Traitor is cast on a Myth Unit that has just used a Special Attack, the recharge bar will immediately be restored.


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