Trade (Campaign)
Scenario Info
Game EmpiresIcon Age of Empires
Campaign Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign
Civilization Egyptians
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 7
Previous Farming
Next Crusade

Trade is the seventh scenario of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign in Age of Empires. This mission teaches the player to use Trade Boats and mine stone.

Scenario Instructions Edit

"Now that you have mastered the techniques for farming along the river, your civilization is among the fastest growing and most advanced in the world. Your increasing wealth makes it possible to trade abroad. The Pharaoh requests that you take advantage of your position near the coast to help gather resources for a wondrous new temple he is planning. Your contribution is 1000 Gold and 1000 Stone. Gold can be obtained by trading with the Minoans, Canaanites, or Libyans, but they are all likely to be antagonistic. Stone can be found nearby."



Libyans:The Libyans (Egyptians) are situated to the west of the player and consists of a small army and a few structures. Destroying them is not required, but will make resource collecting much easier if dealt with as early as possible.
Minoans:The Minoans inhabit a small island to the southwest, where the enemy has two Stone Throwers and a few Bowmen. The stone throwers can be a major threat to ships passing by. Likewise, it should be destroyed quickly if the player wishes to trade with them.
Canaanites:The Canaanites (Greeks) have set up a base at the southeastern part of the map. They start with a Town Center, a Dock, and some Houses.


The player starts off in the upper center of the map. To the east is a plain with huntable animals and Stone Mines. To the west is the Libyan base. They start with a Ballista, and will bring it if they attack by land.

The only way to gather gold here is by trading with other Docks, so if the player decides to attack the enemy bases, they should avoid destroying the Docks. Instead, they should kill the enemy ships and units and start trading.

Historical Outcome Edit

"The wealth of Egypt attracted traders at an early date and Egypt was thereafter one of the great trading stops along the Mediterranean coast. Trade was an important component of the Egyptian economy. Major Egyptian exports were grain, wine, food, papyrus, linen, perfume, gold, and manufactured goods (statuary, jewelry, and leather). Major imports were timber, copper, silver, tin, and pottery. Egypt held off the barbarian attacks of 1200 BC but went into decline nonetheless, at least partially because trade came to a virtual halt for many years.

Alexander the Great commissioned a new port capital for Egypt named Alexandria, after himself, which became one of the most important ports of the ancient era. Outside the harbor was built the great lighthouse on the island of Pharos, listed among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It stood over 500 feet tall and its light was visible 30 miles away. Parts of the ruined lighthouse, destroyed by an earthquake, were recently found by underwater archaeologists.

Grain from Egypt was critical to the large populations of both Greece and Rome that could not be supported by local food production. Roman governments sometimes fell when grain shipments failed to arrive and the starving citizenry rioted.

In-game section

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