This article is about the building in Age of Empires III. For the building in other games of the series, see Town Center.

The Town Center is the key economic building for a colony and acts as the default Home City drop-off point in Age of Empires III.

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The starting building of all major civilizations, Town Centers train Settlers/Villagers, call in one levy of Minutemen, and serve as the only means of advancing to the next Age for European and Native American civilizations.

The Town Center is a strong building. It can defend itself from land units with its top tower with a musket, from boats with a cannon and can garrison Settlers/Villagers to protect it (the more garrisoned, the more firepower).

Only the Explorer or a Covered Wagon can build a Town Center and each player is limited to only one before Fortress Age which after that increases to three. If the player's Explorer has fallen in battle too close to enemy territory, instead of manually retrieving the unit, he/she may choose to pay Ransom money and receive his/her Explorer back safely.

From The WarChiefs expansion, European civilizations can select to "revolt" from the Industrial Age at a cost of 1000 of every resource. Instead of advancing to the Imperial Age, this effectively:

Attack Edit

  • The total attack of a Town Center follows the next formula: Attack of the town center x number of villagers garrisoned

Players can garrison up to 50 Settlers/Villagers, but the attack will only increase with the first 10. For example, having 8 Settlers/Villagers garrisoned (at a base attack of 9) grants a total attack of 72.

Town Center and civilizations Edit

The Portuguese receive a free Covered Wagon every time they Age up until the Industrial Age and together with some Home City shipments can have the maximum increase to six Town Centers.

The Spanish in the other hand have a shipment which increases Town Center population so much that Houses become unnecessary when they possess three Town Centers.

Germans also have a team shipment that increases the attack and hitpoints of their Town Centers.

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  • Ransom - "Buys" a fallen Hero or Explorer back to Town Center
  • Home City Shipment - Triggers shipments to arrive here

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"Churches, taverns, and town halls were all important colonial centers where leaders and citizens met to discuss the issues facing their towns and colonies. Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia was the site of several important events in the history of the American colonies. One, the First Continental Congress, was the meeting of the thirteen colonies in the fall of 1774 to discuss their grievances with British governance and just what they could do about it.

This historic hall also housed Benjamin Franklin's Library Company and the First and Second Banks of the United States.

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