Tower Shield
Tower Shield
Age IronAgeIcon Iron Age
Researched at Storage Pit
Research Cost
Food 250
Gold 400
Effect Infantry get +1 Pierce Armor

Tower Shield is a technology in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome, available once the upgrade Iron Shield is researched in the Iron Age.

This technology improves the piercing armor of all infantry by 1 point. It costs 250 Food and 400 Gold. It is the last technology found in the Storage Pit, and is the most expensive upgrade found there. Only a select few of civilizations can research this technology.

History Edit

"The Romans adopted a tall rectangular shield that gave them advantages in battle when used properly. The size of the shield protected more of the body. The Romans fought in tight rectangular formations of approximately 100 men called maniples. The shields of the men in the maniple presented a continuous front, or shield wall, which protected them greatly from missile fire. They developed a formation variant called the Testudo (or turtle). In this formation, the shields covered all four sides and the heads of the men, allowing them to advance under missile fire. This was useful when advancing toward a gap in an enemy wall."

The Rise of Rome manual

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