Toshogu Shrine
Toshogu shrine icon
First appearanceThe Asian Dynasties
Cost800 Food
1200 Food, 1000 Coin
2000 Food, 1200 Coin
4000 Food, 4000 Coin
AgeDiscovery Age, Colonial Age, Fortress Age, Industrial Age
Base hit points5000
Build limit1
Line of Sight12
UseProvides population, Export, and increases gathering resources
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The Toshogu Shrine is a Japanese Wonder available in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

Overview Edit

The Wonder is one of five structures players can construct in order to advance an Age. Once built, it send a large shipment of export. The building constitutes as two Shrines, it support 20 populations and attracts up to eight hunting or herding animals. The Toshogu Shrine also increases the gather rates of all Shrines.

Abilities Edit

Supports 20 Population and acts as a powerful Shrine (0.35 base coin, wood, and food gather rate, 0.93 XP gather rate) that can attract up to 8 animals. Tomb of Ieyasu, its passive ability, increases the food, coin, and wood production of other Shrines by 133%.

Strategy Edit

Players should build the Toshogu Shrine while advancing to the Fortress Age, with the Colonial Age Wonder being the Torii Gates, Industrial Age Wonder being the Shogunate and Imperial Age Wonder being the Golden Pavilion. Depending on the tactic, this order of build may differ, however, it is still useful to have the Shrine early in the game. The amount of Export the Toshogu Shrine delivers varies according to the Age it advances towards. The Toshogu Shrine is a invaluable economic asset as it boost the production of other Shrines and acts as a Shrine itself.

Shipments Edit

Colonial Age

Fortress Age

Industrial Age

Imperial Age

History Edit

"The Toshogu Shrine is the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu. The shrine is dedicated to the spirits of Ieyasu and two other of Japan’s most influential historical personalities, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Minamoto Yoritomo."

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