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Tlaloc Canoe
Tlaloc Canoe Icon
Tlaloc Canoe in game
First AppearanceThe WarChiefs
Naval Vessel
Cost400 WoodResources wood
100 CoinIcon coin
Age AvailableIndustrial Age
Ages industrial
Base Hit Points750
Resists75% vs. Ranged
Siege Damage50
Siege Multipliersx4.0 vs. Buildings
Siege Range30
Siege Area of Effect1
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The Tlaloc Canoe is a naval unit exclusive to the Aztecs, that is featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.


Tlaloc Canoe is very effective against other boats and undefended buildings, but like all ships, it is vulnerable to Artillery and defensive buildings. It has good range, speed, and damage, but like all canoes, is most potent if built in numbers. The Tlaloc Canoe is the strongest native boat in the game, being able to defeat a Galleon in one-on-one combat. The Frigate can defeat them by a very narrow margin, but Tlaloc canoes are much cheaper than frigates.


Both are HC Shipments.

  • Offshore Support
  • Improved Warships

HC Shipments Edit

  • 2 Tlaloc Canoes
  • 3 Tlaloc Canoes

Trivia Edit

  • The Tlaloc Canoe is the only unique native ship in the game
  • "Tlaloc" is the name of the Aztec god of rain and water

History Edit

"Canoes were widely used by the Aztecs to transport goods throughout Tenochtitlan's many water causeways and canals. (As the Aztecs had neither horses, oxen, nor the wheel, this mode of transport was critical to their economy.) Warriors also used dugout canoes when traveling to remote parts of their empire."


In Other Languages Edit

Spanish: Canoa Tlaloc German: Tlaloc-Kanu

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