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The four original Titans
First AppearanceThe Titans
Myth Unit
Cost800 Food
800 Gold
800 Wood
50 Favor (to research Secrets of the Titans)
Age AvailableTitan Age
Base Hit Points7000
Pop. Use20
ResistsHack (89%), Pierce (89%), Crush (94%)
Melee DamageHack (70), Crush (70), Melee Range (2) Charged Attack: Hack Damage (60), Maximum Range (0.5), Recharge Time (8) seconds
Melee MultipliersHuman Soldiers (2), Myth Units (2), Buildings (5), Titans (20) Charged Attack Multipliers: Human Soldiers (3), Myth Units (3)
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The Titan is an extremely powerful Myth Unit available to all civilizations in Age of Mythology: The Titans. Each of the five main civilizations have their own unique Titan, although they all share their stats and their attacks.

Obtaining a Titan Edit

To obtain a Titan a Titan Gate must be constructed. They can be built after researching Secrets of the Titans (at the Town Center). They are very large, and have a whopping 7000 HP, along with extremely high armor values and massive attack damage, which affects units and buildings in a large area. They attack with hack and crush damage - they are able to destroy buildings very quickly, but they deal quite low damage to regular units with which many have crush immunity. Titans all feature the same attacks, with two stomps as their regular attack (except for the Greek Titan), and a very quick overhead smash as their periodic special attack, which can fling small, non-Hero units around. (The Greek Titan in particular performs a jump which has the same effect).

Titan also take bonus damage from Heroes and cannot be healed by anything, except for the Mythic Rejuvenation technology granted by Hekate. They are considered myth units and benefit from any technologies that improve all Myth Units (such as Monstrous Rage), or all units (such as Bacchanalia).


Cerberus 2

The Greeks are given Cerberus, a monstrous three-headed anthropomorphic canine. If Hera is chosen for the Mythic Age her Monstrous Rage upgrade will increase the Titan's attack damage from 70 to 88. Also, worshipping Dionysus grants the Bacchanalia upgrade, which will increase the Titan's hitpoints by 350.


Ra as titan

The Egyptians summon Horus, the Egyptian god of vengeance and protection who, unlike the other Titans, is summoned from the heavens instead of being unearthed. The Egyptians do not possess any technologies that can aid the Titan, though the Eclipse God Power of Bast worshippers can temporarily boost its attack and movement speed.



The Norse may employ Ymir, a massive frost giant with a large ice hammer. If Bragi is chosen for the Heroic Age his Thurisaz Rune upgrade will increase the Titan's movement speed from 3.75 to 4.20 meters/second.



The Atlanteans control Chthonian, a lava giant covered by crystals spikes sprouting from various parts of its body. If Hekate is chosen for the Mythic Age, her Mythic Rejuvenation upgrade will allow the Titan to slowly regenerate his hit points.



The Chinese call upon Pangu, a human-like horned giant that separated Yin and Yang. He plays a plot-relevant role in the Tale of the Dragon campaign. The Chinese do not have any technologies that assist the Titan.

Greater TitansEdit

Kronos, Prometheus and Gaia, are the "greater" Titans in the Titans campaign, each possessing 50,000 HP and regenerating hitpoints so fast that they are practically invincible.


Titan Prometheus Icon

Prometheus is in terms of overall performance the strongest unit in the single-player campaign and in the whole game apart from Osiris. He appears as the second last campaign battle and regenerates his health nearly instantly (500 HP/second, the fastest in the game), and does 175 crush and hack damage. His special attack consists of him throwing a ball of fire which then turns into several Prometheans, assuming it didn't collide with an enemy and harmed them in the process. He is weakened by Gaia's plants in the campaign, reducing his HP to 10,000 first (which can then be reduced further to 4,000) and losing all of his health regeneration, which allows the heroes to defeat him.


Titan Kronos Icon

Kronos, on the other hand, can only be (without cheating) defeated by Gaia, who deals massive amounts of damage against him. Kronos appears as the final campaign battle and he has 50,000 HP and regenerates 100 HP/second. His attack damage is the same as that of a regular Titan.

If Kronos and Prometheus fight, the result will be inconclusive (neither can permanently harm the other, due to their regeneration)


Titan Gaia Icon

In the last level of the New Atlantis campaign, Gaia is a Titan that defeats Kronos and sends him back to Tartarus. She has 150 crush and hack damage, 50,000 HP and regenerates 100HP/second. She has a very high damage multiplier that take effect when battling her son Kronos.

Fall of the Trident campaignEdit

Jealous of Zeus' position as the chief Olympian god, the sea god Poseidon is lured by the whispers of Kronos to free him with the promise of making him head of the gods. Poseidon then aids the cyclops, Gargarensis, to release Kronos by constructing a monstrous ram to lay siege on the gates. Gargarensis then attempts to open the gate, but Arkantos and his men destroy the ram. Gargarensis then heads for Niflheim, and lays siege on it again. Gargarensis succeeds in bashing the gate open, but Thor's Hammer, reassembled by Brokk and Eitri, pushes the gate closed. After several more missions in foreign lands, Arkantos returns to his home, Atlantis, and finds out that Gargarensis has captured the city. Gargarensis attempts to open the gate, and Poseidon brings to life a hulking statue of himself. Arkantos then tries to stop him, but the statue is too powerful. Arkantos tries to praise Zeus by building a Wonder dedicated to him. Arkantos is then granted demi-godlike power, and finally slays the statue. The statue in turn slays Gargarensis when it falls its trident on him. Poseidon is furious so he destroys Atlantis. The heroes escape the island, leaving Arkantos behind, unconscious. Arkantos is made a god by Athena.

New Atlantis campaignEdit

Kronos sends his servant, a demonlike creature that is an extension of Kronos, to possess Krios. Krios, now possessed, little by little, lures the Atlanteans, and Kastor, to free the Titans. In Sikyos, Kastor learns of his treason, and the possessed Krios transforms into his demon form, revealing his true nature. The lesser Titan, Prometheus, has broken free, and is causing wreckage through the city. Amanra and Ajax attempt to save Kastor and escape the city with the use of Rocs. After they rendezvous, Arkantos reveals to them that three Titans have actually been released. One is Ymir, crushing the villages in the Norselands, the other, Cerberus causing havoc in Egypt, and Prometheus. Amanra decides to defeat Cerberus first, for she wants to save Egypt, her homeland. The heroes use the Son of Osiris to once again awaken the Guardian. The gigantic statue awakens and fights Cerberus. The Guardian proves more than a match and defeats the Titan personally. The heroes then head towards the Norselands, where they meet the former notorious Frost Giant chieftain, King Folstag. King Folstag aids them with his Titan-freezing breath, as well as summoning the great dragon Nidhogg, who defeats Ymir. The heroes eventually return to the city of Sikyos, now a burnt and damaged land. Prometheus is continuing to wreak havoc here, and is being powered by his destruction. Arkantos comes to the heroes again and reveals to them that Gaia, along with all the other Titans, also gained power, and that they can use that power to weaken Prometheus. As predicted, the heroes are helped by Gaia, the mother of Kronos and Titan goddess of the earth. Gaia's settlements are built on the burnt lands, causing lush to spread. The Titan weakens, and the heroes finally succeed in overcoming and bringing it down. Arkantos congratulates his son on his work, but they know the work is still not done. Kastor and the hereos make their way towards New Atlantis to find Krios. They find the island taken over by Krios and his many Automaton servants. The heroes free the Atlantean citizens, which gives Krios enough time to escape. Krios escapes the destruction of the New Atlantis via an Oranos sky passage. The heroes are hot on his tail.

When the heroes depart from the Sky Passage, they find themselves in Old Atlantis, now a sunken chain of islands. the Servant of Kronos reveals to the heroes that Kronos is well on his way to being freed from Tartarus. The heroes notice that Gaia is on their side, and she grants them four mystical seeds that, if planted in four sacred pools scattered around the islands, can summon her. The heroes plant the seeds, instantly growing giant trees glowing with power. Not too long after the trees are planted, Kronos breaks free from his prison. Kronos begins to advance towards the trees, knowing that he has to destroy them before they awaken his mother, Gaia. He fails and Gaia awakens and sends Kronos back into Tartarus, saving the Atlanteans and the world.

Gallery Edit

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