The Unknown is a collection of random maps found in Age of Mythology and (as a bonus) in Age of Empires II.

Ages of Empires II Edit

RM ES@The Unknown

Everything is random. Everything. From the moment the game starts, you have to scout (with a random number of Scouts, of course) to figure out whether you are on an island, a mainland, or inside a clearing of trees.

The Unknown is a bonus collection of maps in Age of Empires II.

This collection is included with Patch 1.0c, Gold Edition and HD Edition, along with the rest of the custom maps of Ensemble Studios. The filenames for all of maps begin with "ES@" to help players find them during multiplayer. The Unknown collection probably includes around 100,000 possible maps.

As with the AoM version(s), it is recommended to scout much in the early game, as the setting and the starting position will be unpredictable. The unstable setting is excellent for newer players, as the maps will challenge them to hone their skills, and not to focus on quirks of specific Random Maps (such as the offensive style of Arabia).

Age of Mythology Edit


the Icon for The Unknown as seen from the Random Map menu

In Age of Mythology, The Unknown will generate a map with unpredictable amounts of water and resources. Players are advised to dedicate a lot of time to scouting in the Archaic Age so that they can assess the environment and choose what kind of general strategy they will use for the duration of the game. In The Unknown, maps will generally contain a lot of water and may even separate players on islands, so naval warfare will often play an important part. Some map will also provide players with bonuses resources.

Possible Maps Edit

  • A standard Greek map that has small forests scattered across the landscape but no other obstacle.
  • Players are situated along the edges of a ring-shaped island with a sea at its center. The land is narrow and easy to wall off while the sea is abundant with fish. The island may or may not form a closed ring.
  • A Norse map where the land actually a series of small islands loosely connected by land bridges, almost like an atoll. The main sea is abundant with life, but players also have private pools where they can safely fish from.
  • Teams share bean-shaped islands with limited resources available. Wild Boars, Pigs, and Berry Bushes are the only food sources found aside from fish. The terrain may be either Greek or Norse based and the width of the water between islands will vary.
  • A map similar to the Ghost Lake random map but with fewer cliffs and more abundant forests.
  • An Egyptian map that is similar to Savannah but it also has a large acropolis at its center.
  • An Egyptian island map where players are given their personal islands at the edges of the map with a vast sea full of fish separating teams. Each island has two additional settlements and two Relics.
  • A Norse map similar to the first possible map but also sports a giant forest at its center.
  • A Norse map where trees are scarce especially near the center of the map but goats or pigs are found in high numbers.
  • A Greek map similar to the second possibility but with an additional island at the center.
  • A Norse map where players are separated by islands with a larger island at the center. There is a lot of hunt on the center islands, including wolves or polar bears, as well as additional Settlements.
  • A Norse variant of the first map, with Polar Bears replacing Brown Bears as the main aggressive huntable animals.

Similar Maps Edit

Gallery Edit

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