The Revolt of Spartacus (Spartacus in the original) is the third scenario of the Enemies of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The forces of Rome must defend Italy from Spartacus and his army of slaves.

Scenario Instructions Edit

A new slave revolt has broken out and much of south central Italy is in turmoil. This revolt may be the most dangerous we have faced. The addition of many gladiators has strengthened the fighting power of the slaves. You are to engage the slave army of Spartacus and destroy it before it depopulates all of central Italy. We can't have the revolt continue or spread.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the gladiator army before it destroys the Italians.

Strategy Edit

The goal of this scenario is to destroy the Slave Army (Greeks, red) while making sure that Italy (Romans, yellow) is not defeated. The Slave Army starts off with a large force, but luckily, not all of it will attack at once - most of it will stay back in their base, and move slowly.

Research Writing, so you'll see the attacks on Italy and build up your forces accordingly. When you make your move, you should have Long Swordsmen or Legions, Cavalry, Ballistas or Helepolises, and a few Priests. Convert all Armored Elephants, and kill everything else.

If you find yourself with extra wood, building a Dock to the south will let you fish, and you can send Triremes upriver to deal some damage.

Once you've defeated most of their forces, use Scouts to find the last few.


  • Although the campaign depicts scenarios that the players take the point of view of the enemies of Rome, in this mission you play as the Romans against the slave army. That was changed in the Definitive Edition.
    • This was done so players can experience all four new civilizations added in the Rise of Rome expansion