The Lion and the Demon
The lion & the demon
Scenario Info
Game KingsIcon The Age of Kings
Campaign Saladin
Civilization Saracens
Color Green
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 6
Previous Jihad!
Next N/A
The Lion and the Demon is the sixth and final scenario of the Saladin campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Construct a Wonder and defend it.

Hints Edit

  • Managing a large city can be confusing. It might prove helpful to rebuild military buildings where you can easily find them.
  • When you are ready to build the Wonder, you can delete some of your houses to make room for it.
  • Attacking one of your enemies early can benefit you later on, but be careful venturing outside Acre's walls.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Saracens): The player starts with a fortified city in the center of the map.

Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

Strategy Edit

Though the goal is to build a Wonder and hold it, it's advised to use one's beginning resources to mount an ample defense. Garrison the Archers of the Eyes in towers (build an Archery Range and train Crossbowmen to garrison them), and use Cavalry to take down pesky enemy siege weapons. The Franks will send Bombard Cannons, Jerusalem will send Trebuchets, and Richard the Lionheart will eventually send his hero Trebuchets (God's own Sling and Bad Neighbor).

The player should use Fishing Ships for food, while also building up a small navy to defend against Genoese's naval attacks. It will be rough going for a while, but eventually it will come time to strike. The player may notice enemy Villagers heading east of their fortress; there is a gold mine just east of Acre, across a small river. What this means is that the AI has used up their own gold reserves, and are now desperate. With an army of Arbalests and Archers of the Eyes, along with some Villagers, the player take the mine for themselves, building a Castle on the nearby hill to garrison archers in.

Additionally, there is also a small island, stocked full of gold, in the sea just west of Acre, once the player runs out of gold reserves on the mainland. Jerusalem should be the player's first target. Their settlement is just east of Acre. They have some towers, a Castle, and well guarded with Champions and Camels. The player should use Archers of the Eyes and Arbalests to pick off troops, while using Bombard Cannons to take down towers and Castles. It would be wise to deploy a cavalry element as well, as Richard will come to Jerusalem's aid with Longbowmen. Run them down with Mamelukes, Knights, and Cavalry Archers. Persia by now will have dropped off War Elephants. If the player still has them, they may wish to use them to assault Jerusalem, or hold off for the other enemy AI.

After Jerusalem is finished, the player will have earned some breathing room. By now, the player should have plenty of gold rolling in from mines stolen away from the AI. Richard and the Franks will probably also be sending fewer and fewer attacks, now that their gold reserves are gone. By now, the player has two choices to end the scenario: build a Wonder and hold it, or continue a bloody campaign against the crusaders.

If choosing to attack, the player should focus their attention on Richard the Lionheart. His Longbowmen greatly outrange Arbalests, so have an ample cavalry squadron to run them down. As usual, take the towers and Castles down with Bombard Cannons, keeping an element of archers with them to defend them.

It would behoove the player to keep Richard's market standing, in case one is running low on gold. Once Richard is defeated, it's time to take on the Franks and Knights Templar, both of whom are crammed right next to each other. The Knights Templar spawn slow moving Teutonic Knights and Paladins, while the Franks spawn Paladins, Hand Cannoneers, and Bombard Cannons. The player should adjust their strategy accordingly, but since Richard is defeated, the player may think about reverting to an Arbalest dominated assault force, complimented with Mamelukes and Camels to take out heavy cavalry.

Past them on the coast is the Genoese, who deploy naval flotillas but not many ground forces.

Easy win Edit

The small island, stocked full of gold, in the sea just west of Acre, is just big enough to build the wonder. First create a Transport Ship and use your 4 Galleons to find the island and set them to "no attack stance", only attack if the Genoese attacks you. Then create 6 new villagers.

Once you have 15 villagers sail with them to the island. There, forget about the attacks in the city and create a Mining Camp to deplete the 2 gold reserves in the south. Now you should have enough space to build the wonder and win.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Saladin lost the battle of Acre to Richard The Lionhearted and the city remained the main stronghold of the remnant of the Crusader kingdoms for the remainder of the Crusades. The real battle also operated as a "siege within a siege", with Richard's army besieging Acre and a large Saracen army outside the city attacking the Crusader army multiple times to relieve the city's exhausted garrison, but being repulsed each time. This format was not used by the developers of the game because it was too reminiscent of the Alesia scenario in the Ave Caesar campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome.
  • Historically, Bad Neighbor and God's Own Sling (whose name is God's Stone Thrower) belonged to Phillip II of France instead of Richard the Lionheart.
  • Historically the Longbow did not come into widespread use by the English Army until the reign of King Edward I Longshanks. At the time of the Crusades the Anglo Normans preferred normal bows and crossbows (including Richard the Lionhearted himself, who was apparently somewhat skilled despite preferring to fight with a sword on horseback).
  • The island nearby Acre in this mission does not exist in reality.
  • The addition of Jerusalem as an enemy is misunderstood; Jerusalem had been captured by Saladin and was thus under Muslim control. However, as the Siege of Acre had begun by King Guy of Jerusalem (acting as a sort of "government-in-exile" crusader army), they are simply present as another enemy. The developers, for whatever reason, put less effort in describing Richard's other Crusader allies (Franks being led by King Philip II of France, Jerusalem by King Guy). Nonetheless, after Acre, Saladin was again defeated by the Crusaders at Arsuf (not included nor discussed in the campaign), and shortly thereafter a deal was brokered between Richard and Saladin, which was partially explained at the end of the campaign. Acre would become the new seat of government for the Kingdom of Jerusalem, until it too fell to the Muslims in May 1291. The KOJ (or Outremer as it was sometimes called after the loss of Jerusalem) would cease to exist as a relevant political entity after that.