The Great Siege
Scenario Info
Game ForgottenIcon The Forgotten
Campaign Bari
Civilization Byzantines
Color Blue
Course of Campaign
Scenario No. 3
Previous The Rebellion of Melus
Next N/A

The Great Siege is the third and final scenario of the Bari campaign in Age of Empires II: The Forgotten Empires. It is based on the Siege of Bari by the Normans in 1068–71. A massive Norman army is set up to invade the Byzantine stronghold of Bari.

Scenario instructions Edit

This scenario consists of a series of quests, that must be accomplished in a row in order to finally conclude the campaign, by sailing away from the doomed city of Bari.

Main Objective Edit

  • Andreas must survive.
  • Cranos must survive. (during the ship repairing quest) (1)
  • You will lose if the trebuchet gets destroyed. (trebuchet quest) (2)

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Bring Andreas and his men to the camp marked by the flag.
  • Defend the camp against Norman attacks. You will lose if the barracks are destroyed.
  • Escort the food carts to the granary marked by the flag. You will lose if either cart is destroyed.
  • Meet with Catepan Stephanos Pateranos near the breach in the wall.
  • Destroy three of the four marked buildings (lumberyard, barracks, mill and archery range), while preventing the destruction of any of your own military structures. You will obtain resources to train more troops when you raze any of these buildings.
  • Repair the ship of Loukas Procopius and bring it back to the docks of Bari. (1)
  • Bring Andreas and the trebuchet to Stephanos Pateranos. (2)
  • Destroy the Norman tower. (2)
    • Normans are attacking Stephanos Pateranos from behind. Prevent him from getting killed.
  • Destroy the two Norman docks.
  • Head to the docks of Bari.
  • Sail to freedom.

Players Edit

As with the other scenarios, the player plays as the Byzantines. Their forces are represented by the blue color.

Enemies Edit

  • Normans (Franks) - This player controls the majority of the Norman army, including some prowling Knights, just outside the city of Bari. They are also the faction that attacks the camp that guards the Farms to the west of Bari, with overwhelming forces, consisting of mixed infantry, cavalry and archer units, and also, the one to attack the breach to the north wall, whereas the Norman navy is also under their control. This player begins in the Dark Age.
  • Normans (Franks) - They represent the Norman forces that guard the structures found at the Norman base, to the north of the wall breach.
  • Normans (Franks) - A minor placeholder player, that prevents engaging forces uninvolved with each quest.

Allies Edit

  • Bari (Italians) - Controls the city of Bari, as well as some other structures on the countryside, such as the Farms to the west.
  • Bari (Byzantines) - Conists of the Bari defending forces, including the ones of the Catepan, who must be saved from Norman counterattacks to the northeast of Bari.

Strategy Edit