This article is about the scenario in Act II: Ice. For the random map, see Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes is the fifth scenario of Act II: Ice in Age of Empires III. With the help of Washington's ships, John Black and Kanyenke sink the Boneguard navy and destroy their bases.

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The first objective is to build a Artillery Foundry, so start building up your base. There's plenty of resources close to your base, but be careful that your units don't wander too close to the enemy base - it's protected by Outposts and more than a few units.

HINT: It is possible to force your heroes through the outpost on the north side, especially considering Nonahkee's healing ability. The immediate vicinity around the 320xp treasure is safe from all the cannon outposts' and TC's reach, so you can easily use your ranged heroes to harass the AI's economy.

Once you've aged up and built a Foundry, train a few Artillery units to take down their buildings, and some Mercenaries or other troops for protection.

Note: Even without a foundry, if you ship enough falconets and start knocking out the outposts, the game will consider you to have enough artillery.

With the enemy on your side of the river defeated, use Washington's navy to transport your army across. Start destroying that base, while using the ships to sink the enemy navy. There's a secondary objective to make sure you don't lose any of Washington's ships, so make sure none of them get too damaged.

When the enemy Town Center is in ruins and their ships at the bottom of the river, victory is yours.